Fans' Forum welcomes six new supporters

Monday 02 October 2023 11:00

Manchester United has expanded its Fans' Forum for the 2023/24 season, with the creation of three brand-new roles for supporters.

The new positions mean our Rainbow Devils LGBTQ+ group is represented directly for the first time, while further voices on behalf of our Under-21 supporters and Official Members will make the forum more representative than ever before.
There are personnel changes in other areas too, with three new Reds joining to fill pre-existing but vacant roles. 
The new Fans' Forum representatives are as follows:
• Family Stand (Dave Field)
• Local Resident (Carly Lyes)
• Official Member (Bolaji Alabi)
• Rainbow Devils (Eric Najib)
• Season Ticket Holder (Dips Jandu)
• Under-21 (Zeeshan Qumer)
The Fans' Forum is expanding with three new roles, and our young fans are a particularly important consideration.
The Fans’ Forum is made up of representatives from across Manchester United's diverse fanbase, and senior figures within the club.
The group meets four times each season, acting as a platform for fans and staff to get together and tackle the issues that really affect our supporters. The aim is to stimulate important conversations and make sure the club's decision-making is as effective as possible, while also ensuring a constant dialogue is in play between the club and fans.
Rick McGagh, Head of Fan Engagement, commented: 
“The Fans’ Forum is a central part of our approach to fan engagement and we have made good progress over a number of years, working collaboratively with them to inform our decision-making and to provide fan insight.
“We are delighted to welcome Carly, Dips, Dave, Bolaji, Naj and Zeeshan to the Forum. They were all standout candidates who have a clear passion for improving the experience of their fellow fans, and the local community, and I look forward to working with them.”
We reached out to each of the new Fans' Forum additions for a comment, and all were keen to respond and make it clear that they encourage supporters to approach them with any ideas or concerns.
“Hello everyone, my name is Zeeshan Qumer and I am delighted to become the U21s representative for the Manchester United Fans' Forum. As a local, lifelong fan of the club, I view this opportunity as a chance to make sure every young fan's opinion is heard. I have a desire to make sure the majority of Manchester United fans have an opportunity to interact with the club, whether that is through attending matches or club events. Along with this, I am keen to continue the constant communication with the club's hierarchy to provide the best matchday experience for young people from all backgrounds. This will constitute to ensuring a solid Manchester United fanbase for the future. I look forward to starting my role and hope to hear from some of you soon.”
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“I applied for this role as it combines two of my life’s great passions: Manchester United, and working to improve the lives of those in my local community. As a United fan and local resident for many years, I have always been proud to live in the shadow of Old Trafford and to be a part of the community that has such a beloved sporting and cultural institution at its heart.
“As the local rep I will try to represent fans of all ages, but particularly the many young fans in our area who don’t always get the opportunity to interact with the club as much as they’d like. Young people are the future of our support, and I would love to promote greater access and engagement for our young local fans through taking advantage of ticket offers, particularly for youth and women’s games, through building on my links with sports, arts and education organisations, and helping them feel they have a stake in the future of the club.”
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“Rainbow Devils are really proud to have been allocated a place on the club’s Fans' Forum. We feel this maximises the opportunity for our voice to be heard alongside other facets of United’s support on a variety of topics. It's a testament to how far we have come as we approach our fifth year of existence and we look forward to continuing the fantastic working relationship we have with MUFC.”

“I am honoured to have joined the Fans' Forum at Manchester United Football Club, representing Season Ticket holders. My primary goal is to ensure that the voice of our most loyal supporters is heard and better considered in the club's decision-making processes. I am committed to fostering better communication between the club and its fans, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the matchday experience and strengthening the bond between Manchester United and its dedicated fanbase.”

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“Manchester United has been a huge part of my life over the past 24 years. From watching matches on TV in Nigeria to sitting in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, it is clear that fans play an important role in making Manchester United the best club in the world. The atmosphere generated by the club’s fans is electrifying and as the manager has said, it energises the players. Thus, the opportunity to join the Fans’ Forum and support the enhancement of the matchday/stadium experience is a huge honour. Together, I’m certain the Fans’ Forum will achieve its goals.”

“I have joined the Fans’ Forum to ensure the next generation of United fans experience what my grandad, my dad, I and thousands of others have all experienced as United fans. I see my role as being quite simple: to be an accessible link between our U16 fans, their families, and the club.
“In short, my aim is to facilitate opportunities for our younger fans to build on the unrivalled support that generations of United fans past and present have all created. Our U16s are ‘the’ key component of our fanbase, and their future support of all of our teams is critical to the ongoing success of Manchester United. I hope to be able to play a very small part in ensuring that’s the case.”