Why Rashford broke his golden rule on social media

Wednesday 11 November 2020 10:30

Marcus Rashford doesn’t want any personal recognition for his incredible charity work – he’s doing it for the greater good, not personal acclaim – but the Manchester United striker could not help but thank a local artist who has produced a mural in his honour.

Akse has created the artwork on the side of Coffee House Cafe on Copson Street, Withington, Manchester, after he was inspired by Rashford’s campaign to extend free school meals in England. 

In case you missed it on Sunday, Marcus has successfully convinced the government to spend more than £400m on a winter grant scheme to support poor children and their families across the country. 

The mural is based on a photograph by Daniel Cheetham and was created in collaboration with Withington Walls, a community street art project. Rashford's mother provided the quote, which reads: “Take pride in knowing that your struggle will play the biggest role in your purpose.”

Marcus is amazed with the project and paid this tribute via Twitter…



Speaking in a special episode of United Daily on Monday, Treble-winner David May paid tribute to the work that Rashford is doing off the pitch. “It is phenomenal,” said the former defender. 

“To change the government's thinking and thoughts, not only once but twice, is incredible. No kids in any country should go hungry, so what he has done is a remarkable achievement and everybody at Manchester United is proud of him. 

“There was the lovely touch from Everton fans at the weekend and that just says it all. There are so many people out there and those meals are absolutely vital. What he has done is incredible and he's a credit to the club, his family and the whole country.”

Academy graduate Danny Webber knows the Rashford family well and believes this is only the start of Marcus’s good work. “The family are all proud of him,” explains the former striker. 

“The thing for me is that you hear a lot of people say, when they get a platform, that they will use it well and they set off with the best intentions. The Rashfords said at the beginning of his career that if he ever hits any heights, they would always use it to help the community. 
“They have done that and have gone even further. The whole nation is benefitting from it and they have done it with class, with serious support and humility as well. It is not for Marcus's gain. It is not about that. It is about him having a platform and understanding what people have been through, and helping people where he can. 

“It has not distracted from him football, it has just been a case of using his power and platform to do everything he can. It's remarkable for somebody so young to achieve what he has and I think it is only going to be the beginning if I'm honest.”
The artist behind Rashford's mural has previously produced this Juan Mata portrait.


The artist who created the incredible Rashford mural has also focused his attention on Juan Mata in the past, as you can see in the image taken from his official Instagram account (akse_p19) above. 

His work is commonly seen in the Stevenson Square are of Manchester city centre, so keep an eye out next time you're in town.

Learn more about Withington Walls by visiting their website