Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Mike Phelan

Ole: It was nowhere near good enough

Sunday 04 October 2020 20:05

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer felt individual mistakes and a lack of aggression were key factors as Manchester United suffered a painful 6-1 home defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon.

Here you can read what the manager had to say to Sky Sports in the immediate aftermath, and you can also watch his MUTV interview below.


"After 2-1, we're still in the game. You don't win games of football by making individual mistakes, errors and making a performance like that."

"Well of course when we get the start we did, you think, 'Yeah, we've got the game where we want it.' And then you make a few bad decisions and you're suddenly two or three-one down. Of course it's alarming. It's nowhere near good enough. I hold my hand up. It's my decision to pick the team I did and we, us as a squad, that's not good enough for Man United."
Watch Ole's frank post-match interview with MUTV.
"It's no excuse. But he must be having an operation in his throat, the boy. It's a bad reaction by Anthony [though]. No excuse because the game's not lost there and then but we were in the game by then. If that [Lamela] was one of my players, I would absolutely hang him up to dry because you don't go down like that. If Ant had gone down, it could have been going the other way. But he shouldn't react like that."


"Yeah of course. It's nowhere near good enough. And when you have a defeat like this, which has happened at the club before, you've just got to look yourself in the mirror. They're lucky now, the boys, or I don't know if it is lucky, but they're going away on international duty some of them and for the ones who are staying here, we've got a good [amount of] time to work. But we don't [all] see each other for ten days and that's hard now because we need to batten down the hatches and get together because that wasn't anywhere near good enough as a squad or a team."
"We defend as a team, we defend from the front, we defend as a group and whoever we're linked with doesn't mean it's true, does it? We're going to be linked with players all day long but we need as a group and a team to get the performances as we were before the lockdown or after the restart, when we were a very good defensive team and we didn't concede loads of goals. With the talented players [we have] it's something I have to look at because we can't be as open as we were today."

"Well, we'll probably update you or we'll know by tomorrow night when the window's closed, but that [today's performance] isn't about getting players in. This is about who's here and getting the best out of the ones who are here and today was the worst that you can get from these. I can't say anything other than that."

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"When you're 2-1 down, you're still in with a chance. 3-1 down makes it very hard one minute later. So that's when you try to re-organise and make sure you stick in the game and get the next goal. 4-1 down you've probably lost the game so then it's about showing your character, showing your personality. We had to try to close their avenues to goal and we didn't, we were too passive. We didn't come out with any aggression in the second half which I had hoped for."

"Of course there are a lot of wrongs there today. Maybe it's the preparation that we've given them, it's all sorts. We need to look at everything and as a coaching staff, we've got loads of time to do that now."