MUDSA youth ambassador showcases new facilities

Friday 15 October 2021 10:00

Manchester United diehard and MUDSA ambassador Nathaniel Yates was at Old Trafford during the international break to give his verdict on the new accessible facilities which have been opened this season for disabled fans.

He joined club media reporter Mark Sullivan for a special behind-the-scenes video to showcase the new facilities.

The video takes viewers on a tour of Old Trafford as Nathaniel guides us through the new and existing amenities for disabled fans.

Old Trafford's new accessible features Video

Old Trafford's new accessible features

MUDSA's youth ambassador, Nathaniel Yates, joins Mark Sullivan to showcase the stadium's new facilities...

118 new wheelchair positions and 158 new amenity seats have been added in a variety of areas around the stadium, with a new purpose-built concourse at the back of the Stretford End being the focal point of the renovations. The new catering areas, changing places facilities and purpose-built away section were also featured.

In addition, Nathaniel talked through the history of the club’s disabled supporters’ association, MUDSA, his ambassadorial role on a matchday and how he wants to ensure that every fan who uses the new facilities has a memorable day at Old Trafford.

“I’m the MUDSA youth ambassador and on a matchday I enjoy speaking to people and handing out the Rollin’ Reds magazines. There are a lot of new fans at the games and it’s interesting to meet them. When it is someone’s first game you want to make them feel special. I remember my first game and how good it was. You want it to be special for them too.”

The new dedicated platform situated at the back of the Stretford End is the most striking element of the redevelopment work. Nathaniel was particularly impressed with the view.

“The view is amazing. You are right in the thick of it. You have all the fans singing the songs, you really feel part of it up here. The Stretford End is legendary. And for disabled fans to have the option to sit up here is really, really good.”

Away fans too have been accommodated, with a new platform at the back of the away end.

“There are 28 ambulant places and 28 wheelchair positions with carers. The best thing about it is that the away fans are in with their own supporters so if they are fortunate enough to get at goal at Old Trafford they can celebrate!”

The facilities now offer greater choice and greater availability than ever before. To find out more about our accessible facilities or to apply for tickets, please send an email to

Nathaniel would certainly encourage new fans to get in touch, saying: “There are still opportunities for fans to get season tickets. Please contact the Ticket Office or the disability team to get involved.”

In summing up, Nathaniel outlined just how important it is to feel included and accepted when he comes to Old Trafford.

“On a matchday you are not just a disabled person, you are one of 75,000. You are just a fan – people can come and watch the game no matter who they are.”