Proof that Edinson Cavani is no ordinary footballer

Friday 13 November 2020 11:47

You will be surprised to hear this, but one of our most popular articles of the season so far is about Edinson Cavani’s love of nature.

When our no.7 isn't scoring goals for the mighty Reds and has a rare day off, he often spends it by exploring his surroundings in Greater Manchester (lockdown restrictions permitting, of course).

As you may have seen, Edi shared a selfie that was trending across social media among supporters. 

Dressed in his camouflage walking gear, Cavani headed for a walk and documented the views for his millions of followers. 


Judging by the comments sections, fans loved seeing such a huge name in world football enjoying the simple pleasures of life. “Good to see Cavani settling in Manchester,” wrote United fan Dan Lake, with Hannah Armitt agreeing: “Nice to see footballers enjoying and exploring the local area.”

Reds supporter Brian Armstrong also extended an invite to our farming enthusiast: “You're always welcome in my part of the world Edi - the Eden Valley in Cumbria. Plenty of sheep to clip too!”

Amusingly, the mysterious contents of Edinson’s sandwich also became a talking point – bacon without sauce, surely not? – but we won’t go into the finer details of that discussion just yet…
The general reaction among supporters was of delight towards a footballer who bucks the trend and has other interests than those that have become so synonymous with modern-day players. 

In the months between leaving Paris Saint-Germain and joining United, Cavani spent time in his beloved homeland of Uruguay, exploring his passion for farming, shearing sheep, labouring on the land and even honing his ballet skills (he’s extremely nimble for such a big man!)

It’s fair to say Juan Mata is a very similar example of this, with the nicest man in football being a lover of great art, culture, food and music – when he isn’t producing the goods for United, naturally.

Cavani’s hike will have sent many supporters into an Instagram rabbit hole, exploring the striker’s incredible account that is packed with insight into his life and career. 

In the gallery below, you can see nine historic Instagram posts that highlight Edi’s love of nature and prove that he is not any ordinary footballer… 
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