How Old Trafford will look different on Sunday

Friday 02 April 2021 14:56

When you watch Manchester United against Brighton & Hove Albion on Sunday, you will notice something different about Old Trafford.

The giant seat wraps in the lower tiers have all been replaced to highlight the club’s new campaign to confront the scourge of racism and discrimination in the game

SEE RED, as it is called, encourages fans to take responsibility for reporting incidents of racism or other hate crimes, to speak out and to stand up for those may be on the receiving end of abuse. 

A new online reporting system has been set up for fans to use via The club will then work with the Premier League to escalate any complaints received to the social media platforms and relevant authorities, calling for tough action against online racists. 

These new seat wraps at Old Trafford, which you can see below, will refresh the look of our stadium for the remaining games taking place behind closed doors, while ensuring that the anti-discrimination message is crystal-clear for those watching around the world. 
You will notice something different about Old Trafford on Sunday.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a huge supporter of the campaign and he spoke passionately about the need for action, during his press conference with journalists earlier on Friday afternoon. 

Asked by a reporter is there is a sense of momentum now and whether tech-companies will take more responsibility, the manager said: “We certainly hope so.

“This campaign is one that will certainly have an impact, it’ll be seen. I’m very proud that we as a club keep campaigning. You will see that in the stadium on Sunday as well that we mean business.

“It’s about time now that actions takes over more than words.”

In a club statement that was released on Friday morning, Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, said: “We are proud that players of all ethnicities, religions and nationalities have pulled on the Manchester United jersey over the years. 

“We challenge our fans, and indeed fans of every club, to watch this and think about their own favourite memories, their top teams and their most celebrated players. How different would those memories be without the diversity of some of the best players in the world who have graced our game and our club?
The giant seat wraps in the lower tiers have all been replaced to highlight the club’s new campaign.

“Sadly, footballers across the country continue to receive abuse online, seemingly without fear of censure. United has been, and always will be, a club for all. We do not believe real fans are racist and today, we call on those fans to join us in the battle against discrimination.”

Fans can engage with the SEE RED initiative on social media using #SeeRed. Instances of racist abuse on any social media platform can be reported via