Is Ole no longer Norway's most famous man?

Friday 06 August 2021 13:50

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is arguably the most famous Norwegian in the world - alongside Erling Haaland and Magnus Carlsen, perhaps - but the boss may have to concede that title following Karsten Warholm’s legendary performance at the Olympics.

The 25-year-old athlete ran a stunning men's 400m hurdles race on Tuesday to obliterate his previous world record and win gold for his country at Tokyo 2020.

Warholm finished in 45.94 seconds to slash more than seven tenths off his old time of 46.70 to send shockwaves across the sport. Watch the win below...


What made the Norwegian’s achievement even more impressive was the fact that second-placed Rai Benjamin of the USA also broke the previous world record, but it wasn’t enough to win the electrifying race. 

A huge personality who is infectiously brash and confident, Warholm has shot to global stardom and his astonishing world record has been compared to Usain Bolt's time of 9.58 seconds in the 100m.


When we sat down with Ole for an interview on Thursday, to preview our final pre-season friendly against Everton on MUTV, we jokingly asked how if felt to no longer be Norway’s most famous man. 

“What a performance!” beamed a delighted Solskjaer at the squad’s training camp in Scotland. “I think everyone in Norway feels so proud. He’s such a great ambassador for us. 

“He’s different, he’s himself. Him and his coach Leif [Olav Alnes], they’re just a credit to the Norwegian people and it shows what you can do when you think you can do it. Congratulations to Karsten.”
Solskjaer has sent his congratulations to fellow Norwegian, Warholm.
As United has such a massive fanbase in Norway and indeed across Scandinavia, we wondered if Warholm might be a Reds supporter himself but that information is currently unclear. 

However, the champion hurdler has previously spoken about his love for LEGO and has previously built Old Trafford brick for brick via our official partner, so he clearly has a soft spot for United. 

Congratulations, Karsten. You are always welcome at the Theatre of Dreams.