Sergio Romero.

United keepers sticking together

Tuesday 05 May 2020 18:00

Sergio Romero has revealed all of the club’s goalkeepers are on their own separate group chat, including the loanees, and he is maintaining a positive attitude during lockdown while back in his native Argentina.


The Manchester United man is keeping in regular contact with his fellow keepers and coming up with new ways to work in his garden, as the players wait for a green light to return to the Aon Training Complex.


He told us the WhatsApp group features Dean Henderson, even though he is currently on loan with Sheffield United, who had been enjoying a fine season in the Premier League and were competing with the Reds for a European slot.
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“We have a group which features all of us players at United,” he said. “People are always writing and sending messages, asking how everyone is.

“This is all between ourselves, the players. Then, in addition, we have a group for the goalkeeping department at the club, which features every single goalkeeper, including Joel Pereira and also Deano. We’re all part of that group and we chat to one another and send messages. I also have one with David [De Gea]. He writes to me or I write to him to see how we’re both doing, because if this is soon over, we have to be in good shape for when we’re back at the club.”

Romero is channeling his younger self when practising in his garden, providing some valuable advice for any children who are doing likewise during these difficult times.

“I always keep in a positive frame of mind,” he said. “I always believe that everything we do with a football is going to be something positive and is going to be important. Many of us like to practise our skills and tricks, setting different challenges with the ball. But many others know that simply by hitting a ball against a wall with your right foot, followed by your left foot, you are going to keep improving.

“As it goes, in my garden at home, I have this sun-lounger which we use for lying in the sun, and I’ve put it at the back of the garden and, from an angle, I try to keep hitting the same spot when I knock it against the sun-bed. I reckon that everything you can possibly do, and all the imagination that a kid can possibly have, is always useful, to feed that spirit for the game and that special feeling that all of us who play football carry within us.

“So, the best advice is never give up, always think positively and one day soon we’ll be enjoying that same freedom we had two or three months ago, and we’ll be able to show either out there on a football pitch or in a big park, in front of the people who are going to be watching us, just what we can do with a football.”

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In some respects, the Argentina international feels he is able to adapt to the current situation because of the mindset he has developed as the club’s second-choice between the sticks.

“For me, I find that side of things quite easy,” he explained. “Because I’ve always trained hard, thinking of playing at the weekend and, on many occasions, I’ve found myself watching it from the subs’ bench.

“So your mindset is always the same: keep positive, work hard and be aware that my team-mates are doing just the same back in England as I am here in Argentina.

“So that keeps me motivated, the fact that, in a short while, we’ll be going back to work and getting back to proper training and to showing our supporters that, during this time away, we’ve kept ourselves sharp and worked hard to ensure they can enjoy our performances on the field.”

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