Sir Alex's best quotes on the UTD Podcast

Thursday 30 September 2021 11:37

There were always going to be fascinating tales to tell when Sir Alex Ferguson sat down to chat to the hosts of the UTD Podcast, and we picked out six of the best.

The boss spoke about Carrington’s potato fields, dealing with money in football, the pressure to win trophies in the late 1980s, his thoughts on VAR, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona and much more.

Whether you’ve already listened to and enjoyed the episode or are yet to find time to do so, here are six quotes we loved from Sir Alex on the UTD Podcast...

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On laughing at City fans working at his local post office
"The post office, the girls there, City fans. I hammer them. Sue: “Ah, we got Cristiano, you must be sick as a pig” and I said: “Don’t hatch your eggs now…” She was hiding [the next time]. I said, “Get out, get out!” That was really good fun."

On his first league title
"I always said it opened the door to others in terms of the realisation and expectation. The confidence built. There was no way back. It didn’t change me in any way, it was a bit of relief, yeah, I’d say it was a bit of relief. It opened the door for everything. It was fantastic."

On winning the Treble
"The final whistle is the best moment of my life.”

What does Sir Alex make of VAR?


The great man gives his thoughts on the technology in his must-listen episode of UTD Podcast.

On signing Eric Cantona
"I’d agreed to have a lunch with Bob Cass from the Mail on Sunday at the Portland Hotel. I said “I need to go, I’m sorry, but I may be back.” I went away, signed him, came back. We were playing on Saturday. He said: “Where were you?”. “Just away to sign Cantona.” ”Don’t be daft.” I said: “Honestly.” “You better have, I wouldn’t have let you leave here.”

On whether he misses management
“No. I took Cathy to the European final the next year when Real [Madrid] played Atletico in Lisbon and that was the first time I said to myself, 'god I miss this, I miss this'. I went down to see Ronaldo after the game. Carlo Ancelotti was the manager - he's a fantastic guy - and he saw me in the corridor of the suite, and he said, 'Cristiano's gone for a medical, to get tested', and he said, 'come in, come in' and all the players were shaking my hand. It was a really nice moment, you know. That's probably the only time where I said to myself, 'I miss this', you know, a big game like that.”

Sir Alex: I had no idea about it! Video

Sir Alex: I had no idea about it!

Our former manager got a surprise when leading his team out at Old Trafford, in November 2011…

On selling players to other clubs
“Norman Whiteside went to Everton and I says, ‘look, they've asked me what you're on and I've told them double that’. I did that with them all. Well, you've got to help them. They're my players, believe me, I want to feel they've been rewarded and respected, you know? I mean, they [the buying club] don't need to pay it, but they did.”

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