Staying safe in Web3

Tuesday 06 December 2022 15:00

Digital collectibles and the Web3 revolution bring with it exciting opportunities for fans. But there are potential dangers we should all take seriously. Read on for some tips on staying safe in Web3...

Manchester United is more than just a football club. We’re a global community with a common passion for greatness, entertainment and winning. 

This is reflected in our Web3 community on Discord and the thousands who have registered for news about the club’s first-ever digital collectibles. This ever-growing group of international fans has a keen interest in blockchain technology and, of course, United.

With registration now open to be the first in line for an official club digital collectible, it’s the perfect time to learn about online safety in this exciting new world.

Discord is an amazing way to meet new people, chat about the things that matter to you most and learn about a project (Web3 or otherwise). It’s a great place to make new digital friendships. But, while the vast majority of Discord users are there to share experiences and help each other, unfortunately there will be some people who want to take advantage of those who drop their guard.

The vast majority of our Discord users are there to discuss United news and watch matches together. They also come to learn about blockchain technology and the club’s new digital collectibles. But if anyone asks for your private information or messages you directly out of the blue, treat them with extreme caution. 

If they continue, please report them to our social media team or a Discord moderator by starting a Discord message with @Mod or @SeniorMod. You can also post a message in the ❌-report-scams channel.

You’ll also find people ‘shilling’ their NFT or Web3 projects in Discord channels, screaming about how great it will be or how much money it could reward you with. These projects very rarely deliver on their promises. If you come across someone trying to sell their digital collectibles, match tickets or anything via Discord, it’s probably best to ignore them.

Twitter is a great source of news and entertainment. People across the world use it to keep up with United’s latest scores, with transfer news and club gossip. It’s also another great platform for education and finding out about Web3.

The club's main official Twitter feed currently has over 34 million followers and we use it to stay connected to our fans. We also have a dedicated digital collectibles account for all the latest Web3 news. But something we will never use these accounts for is to message fans directly to ask personal questions and discuss financial issues. If this happens, it’s a scam.

Always remember that Twitter is a brilliant tool for connecting and staying in touch with United, but you should treat it with caution. Unidentified people can sometimes take advantage of their anonymity by pretending to be something they’re not.

If you’re interested in Web3 and start to follow influencers or major accounts in the scene, you might find yourself added to Twitter List by someone trying to sell you their digital collectibles or promote new projects. If you don’t recognise them, it’s best to ignore or report to Twitter. 

Similarly, you might get tagged in a post or messaged directly and find you’re in a group. These will be spam marketers looking to rope in unsuspecting targets. Ignoring and blocking them is the best way to stay safe.

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Seven has always been a special number at United. It’s the shirt number that has been bestowed upon some our club’s most iconic players. Now it’s the number of rules you need to follow to remain safe while you explore Web3

1. Never, ever click on a link from someone you don’t know. 
2. If you decide to create a digital wallet to explore Web3, keep your details secure. Never tell anyone your digital wallet private key.
3. Avoid direct messages. Scammers will often approach their victims by contacting them through their inbox.
4. Treat unexpected friend requests with caution. If they come from someone you don’t know, the person trying to connect with you is probably not a friend at all.
5. Beware of giveaways, freebies and “exclusive passes”. Always question where a gift comes from and never give out your personal information in order to receive one. 
6. Impostors operate across the internet. Manchester United will never ask for private information from you on Twitter or Discord. If someone claiming to be the club asks for things through these channels, report them to our social media team.
7. Don’t dox yourself. Doxxing is the practice of publishing private information about people on the internet. Avoid giving out your name, address, digital wallet details and anything else that is best kept secure.

There you have it - seven key dos and don’ts for staying safe in Web3. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or relatively new to the scene, online security should always be a top priority. Keep these close, stay vigilant and watch your backs out there, Reds.