Your chance to design an Old Trafford banner

Tuesday 21 March 2023 13:00

Are you a budding designer, or creatively minded? Manchester United fans' group Stretford End Flags is seeking ideas for a possible new banner at Old Trafford.

The organisation is exploring the idea of replacing the ‘FEAR’ banner that displays the words 'MUFC - For Every Manc A Religion', in a nod to the legendary Ian Brown song of the same name.
According to Stretford End Flags, the banner has unfortunately suffered some recent damage and has also faded over the years.
Banners are a huge part of the Old Trafford matchday experience.
As a result, the group launched an appeal for design ideas from supporters earlier this month and they have been flooding in across social media. 
Submissions will ideally equal the length of the FEAR banner, which is 19 metres in length and 1.1 metres in height. 

Designs can be submitted for consideration via the Stretford End Flags page on Facebook, or the group’s Twitter account. 
A shortlist will then be put to a fans’ vote to determine which one gets made. All banners are funded via donations and it is hoped to be in place within the coming weeks.
Stretford End Flags also haven't ruled out the idea of remaking the FEAR banner and supporters' affection for it has been evident across social media in recent weeks.

Good luck to everybody who submits designs.