Teddy Sheringham with the trophy and his medal.

Teddy: This is my story of the Treble climax

Friday 05 April 2019 09:16

Have you ever wondered what happened in that crazy period of injury time at the Nou Camp in 1999 through the eyes of Teddy Sheringham?

The Treble-winning striker, who proved instrumental in helping the Reds get over the line in all three competitions, went into detail on those iconic moments when discussing his memories with the Manchester United Foundation.

The interview was conducted as the former England striker is returning to Old Trafford for the Treble Reunion match against Bayern Munich on 26 May.

Teddy Sheringham lifts the trophy aloft with fellow striker Andy Cole.

With time running out, and United still trailing to a goal by Mario Basler, Teddy takes up the story...

“When I actually scored was a little bit different to when it was actually happening,” he recalled. “I was going through the motions of seeing Peter Schmeichel come up into the box with his big, green jersey on and thought: ‘Blimey, I didn’t realise it was so late’.

”I knew I went on with half an hour to go but it must be late if Peter is coming into the box. Then the ball is coming past me, into the middle of the goal, to the far stick and Yorkie has tried to hook it back in. They tried to clear it but scuffed the clearance and the ball is falling to Giggsy.

”It’s on his right foot and I’m thinking he’s never going to score from there, it’s on his right foot, as everyone knew, so let’s be alert to the situation. Lo and behold, the ball came bobbling past me and it was up to me to sweep the ball in. Again, it wasn’t his best strike, and it wasn’t my best strike when it got to me, but it found the back of the net so we were all delighted.

"But I definitely knew it wasn’t offside. As Giggsy struck the ball from there, and it was coming past me, I can remember the Bayern defender coming off the line past me and pushing up, putting his hand up in the air for offside. When Giggsy actually struck it, I knew I was onside because he was by the post.

"As I struck it, and scored, I had to glance over my shoulder to make sure the linesman hadn’t got it wrong as well. I didn’t want to see him with his flag up. I saw the flag was down and that was it. I was off on the celebrations after scoring the equaliser."

Teddy Sheringham is embraced by Nicky Butt after levelling the scores.
"You’re walking back to the halfway line and you think to yourself: ‘Great, we’ve got extra-time. The game must be over. Peter was up. There can’t be much time to go’.

"Then Ole went down the left wing and tried to whip the ball in but it went out for a corner. And it was like I was feeling 10 feet tall now. Becks – put it in an area where I can attack it. I want to go and score a second. Let’s do it!

"So I made my way from the middle to the back to get across the defenders and get myself on the move, so I can jump and head the ball. Becks put it into a great area level with the post and I got up and wanted to head the ball inside the near post really. But I felt I was up just a little bit too early to head the ball down so the only way I could contribute now would be, in a split second, to think just flick it on into an area where, hopefully, there is someone. That would be little Ole, the baby-faced assassin. Ready to do his stuff."

Watch Teddy Sheringham's exclusive interview with the Manchester United Foundation.

"Just playing for Manchester United is something beyond my wildest dreams as a footballer. It’s a different level. There are different clubs to play for but you realise how big it is once you play for United. To have success at Manchester United is even better and, to do it all in the 1998/99 season, is one to look back on with a lot of fun.

"It was an unbelievable season. As I say, everyone has got their story. That’s mine."

Tickets are still available for the Treble Reunion match between United and Bayern Munich on 26 May at Old Trafford.

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