David De Gea models a hooded padded jacket

United Direct: Top 5 winter warmers

Friday 20 November 2020 17:30

Driving around Manchester this weekend, you might well start to see houses with the familiar twinkling of Christmas lights up already as some festive folk feel the need to backload the year with something positive.

While it might still be a tad early for most of us, it’s definitely getting colder and the need to get cosy is growing day by day!

The local climate might have taken David De Gea some time to adjust to after hailing from the relatively toasty Spanish capital, Madrid, but he’s certainly got the hang of it now, styling out this padded jacket in deep scarlet. If you fancy upping your toasty levels, it’s available now at United Direct. Make sure you tag us when you strike a pose like David.

Keep it cosy and cool

Treat yourself to this ZNE hoodie, expertly modelled by Dan James and get cosy AND cool at the same time. Sounds like a winner, right? If push comes to shove, you can always wrap some tinsel round the hood and call it your Christmas jumper this year...

Available in up to 2XL from United Direct.

Cosy camo

When you think about the most respected players to have ever donned a United shirt, Andrew Cole must be up there.

The legendary goalscorer recently sported this lightweight Adidas camo coat at Old Trafford and did it with style.

Filled with duck down to keep you warm while running those essential errands, and featuring a striking print, it's the perfect winter coat to up your cosy game. 

Available now at United Direct.

A hint of tint

Through the Zoom meetings, daily exercise and trips for essentials, what’s been your constant companion? No, not the dog, and not your face covering, it’s your hoodie!

Why not give it a break and treat yourself to an upgrade with this mint tint hoodie from Adidas with the classic three stripes along the back.

Who knows, when it no longer feels like doomsday out there, you might even get to wear it to Old Trafford!

Available now from United Direct.

Silver linings

While this year didn’t quite turn out how you expected it to, let’s look on the bright side. Spending more time with pets, unlimited brew opportunities and the abandonment of any kind of dress code while working from home are all positives, surely.

This understated grey classic 3-stripe hoodie with subtle branding might just help you get as cosy as it’s possible to be without wrapping yourself in a duvet.

There’s always a silver (okay, it’s grey) lining.

Available now at United Direct.