Larsson: Joining United was 'something I couldn't resist'

Sunday 03 July 2022 07:00

On this week’s UTD Podcast – available from Monday 4 July – former United striker Henrik Larsson reveals that when the Reds came knocking in 2007, it was “too big” an opportunity to miss.

The Swede, who made quite an impression during his short-term stay at United from January and March 2007, explained he turned down previous approaches from Sir Alex Ferguson while he was plying his trade for Scottish giants Celtic.

But when the boss came knocking during the 2006/07 campaign, Larsson says that it was an opportunity that he couldn't miss out on at the latter stage of his career.

Larsson scored three goals in 13 appearances during his short loan-stay at United.

"[United tried to sign me] back in... it could be 1999, I’m not sure," he said on Monday's episode. “I was just happy Sir Alex called me because I’d said no to United before.

“I think that Sir Alex is one of, if not the greatest manager of all time in the game and being able to play for him and that team, the club, is something that I couldn’t resist when I was I think 35 at the time.

“To get the opportunity to go there and see if I could do something or not was just too big to resist. To be honest, Manchester [United] is a great club.”

The iconic striker revealed that he was awestruck during his first meeting with Sir Alex.

“My first conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson must have been at the office in the training ground, he said. “He was just... walking into that office was just something. I had to pinch myself.

“Sitting in front of the arguably one of the greatest ever managers in the game, talking with him, and what he wants from me.”

The new episode of the UTD Podcast – featuring Henrik Larsson – is available in the United App from Monday.