Lindelof shows off brand-new ink

Friday 30 June 2023 12:45

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof has taken to social media to show off some brand new eye-catching tattoos.

Much like various other members of the United squad, Lindelof is keen to express himself through body ink and has added additional pieces to his lower back region.

The design features an image of a child alongside what appears to be a homage to his home city of Vasteras in Sweden. 
Victor's new ink Video

Victor's new ink

United defender Victor Lindelof took to social media to flaunt his brand-new tattoo pieces...

With various other ink images adorning the Sweden international, his newest addition was brought to life by fellow countryman and tattoo artist Andy Blanco.

Having also tattooed Victor's backpiece in June last year, further details are poised to be announced via Instagram in due course, with the pair teasing a collaboration alongside account 'Footballer Fits.'

The United defender posted a video of the work being done on Instagram earlier today, with the caption reading: ''Ink Sessions drops today. Stay tuned for more.''

If you look at my tattoos, obviously the first one I got, I have four birds, as I am one of four brothers, so that represents my brothers, said the United defender. 

This one has a greek theme because all of our names are from Greece and are Greek. I have my mother here and then I have Athena here so it's like a guardian and it also represents my mother looking over us and protecting us.

We then just kept going with the Greek theme throughout the sleeve and I put a little bit of text here for family because family is very important to me.

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It is also worth noting Lindelof in the past has tattooed a Sweden fan himself, Anders Thornvall back in 2019, after being requested to do so, following a competition win.

The binocular piece is now a constant piece of individual memorabilia, with Lindelof and fellow international team-mate John Guidetti doing the honours. 

“That was a fun start to the sponsorship,” the Reds defender told local reporters.

“Even though I had B+ in art class, I was worried for Anders' sake that the tattoo wouldn’t come out right, but it ended up being really good.”