Where does Marcus prefer to play, and why?

Tuesday 25 July 2023 15:30

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has offered a detailed response as to which position he prefers to play for the Reds.

With their often much debate surrounding our no.10's best spot on the pitch, the question was posed to him by former United captain Gary Neville in the most recent edition of his show, The Overlap. You can watch the episode in full here.

Offering a thorough explanation as to which position he prefers the most, Marcus outlined the different requirements needed as a forward in the modern game.
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"[I prefer to play] left-wing, although I feel like [when I play] centre forward you have less distance to cover to score simple goals," Rashford began.

"Whereas when you are on the left wing, if you are late sometimes making the back post is a 20-30 yard sprint.

"If the striker pulls to the back and you've got to go across the front, then it's another 15 yards.
"I prefer the left, I feel like on the left it's easier to stay in the game," he added. "From even when I was younger I always wanted to stay in the game, that's why I think I struggle playing centre-forward sometimes because I struggle with patience.

"You might not touch the ball for twenty minutes and then your first touch might be an opportunity to score, you have to be mentally switched on and it's almost like being a goalkeeper.

"You might not be involved in the game for god knows how long but when it's time to make a save, they have to make it.

"I never enjoyed that aspect of it but I feel as I've got older, I'm starting to enjoy it a lot more when I do play up there."
Often seen on the right-hand side too, when required, the England international was quizzed by Neville as to why it is so difficult to switch across both sides of the pitch.

"[It's because of] the angles of making the run in behind, because most of my game is running in behind to stretch defences," he said.

"To give space to some of the other players, but the angles of the runs sometimes, I feel like I run too far inside and then I run back that way to get the ball.

"Whereas on the left it's just natural and it feels more normal."