Patrice Evra.

UTD Podcast: Which team did Evra love to beat most?

Thursday 07 May 2020 07:00

United legend Patrice Evra wasted little time in answering when asked which opponent he relished beating the most, during the latest episode of UTD Podcast.

The Frenchman enjoyed numerous victories over the biggest names in both domestic and European football during a glorious eight-year spell in M16, winning five Premier League titles and one Champions League.
But while the left-back acknowledged Liverpool as the most prestigious fixture in United's schedule, successes over a side from the English capital stand out.
"Oh, Arsenal!" laughed Evra, when asked who he most liked to beat by presenters Sam Homewood and Helen Evans.
Evra: A rival asked to swap shirts after 34 mins! Video

Evra: A rival asked to swap shirts after 34 mins!

Patrice Evra reveals why Arsenal were his favourite team to beat...

"I will tell you my philosophy," he continued. “Manchester City... winning against Manchester City was like winning against a neighbour. They're making noise, you just win and it's okay. 
“Winning against Chelsea, it was like: you're going to win the league. Because I think Chelsea was the only team looking exactly like us. I mean like personality, characters, training [well], powerful, speed. I will say Chelsea. 
"Arsenal... I remember when van Persie came," remembered the France international. "He said: 'Come on Patrice, come on, you have to motivate everyone, it's an important game.' 
“I was like, 'Robin, don't worry, those are my kids – we're going to win easy' and we won!”
Evra remembers a couple of particular matches against the Gunners that, at the time, embodied the gulf between Ferguson and Wenger's teams.
“You remember, I think it was after the Champions League, I made that comment when we won 3-1 at the Emirates [in 2009],” explained our former no.3.
UTD Podcast: Evra reflects on Suarez incident Video

UTD Podcast: Evra reflects on Suarez incident

In his memorable UTD Podcast, Patrice revealed all about his 2011 confrontation with Liverpool's Luis Suarez...

“We scored that great goal in counter-attack with Ji-sung Park, Rooney and Ronaldo, and the French journalists after the game were really like: 'Oh, the result doesn't reflect the philosophy of the game.' 
“I was like: 'Are you serious? I just feel like today was 11 men and against 11 babies.' After that it was in the paper. 'Patrice is calling Arsenal babies!'
“But it's just the feeling... I respect so much this club, but it was just my feeling when I played against them – I know I'm going to win. I'll be honest with you, I played against this player, and after 34 minutes they were asking: 'Patrice, can we swap shirts at half-time?' So I was like: I've already won the game.”
Ronaldo's counter-attack goal v Arsenal Video

Ronaldo's counter-attack goal v Arsenal

Here's a classic strike from United's 3-1 win at the Emirates Stadium, back in 2009...

The 38-year-old also remembers a specific team talk from Sir Alex Ferguson before a game with Arsenal, which was indicative of the confidence the Reds felt when facing up against the north London side during that era.
“I remember a game,” he recalled. “It was sometime we were playing against Arsenal. It was Sunday, it was sunny, and the speech of Ferguson was like 15 seconds.
“He was like: 'Guys, it's Sunday, it's really sunny outside. I don't want no one to f**k up my Sunday.' 
“And you know if you missed a cross or something...” smiled Evra. “You don't want to be the person to do that! Don't ruin his Sunday! It's very important for him!”

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