How to win a movie poster signed by Sir Alex

Friday 28 May 2021 12:56

The eagerly anticipated release of Never Give In, a critically acclaimed new film about former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, is finally upon us.

The feature-length documentary about his life opened in UK cinemas on Thursday and it will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from Saturday, in both the UK and Ireland. International fans can then rent or buy the movie from Monday, taking a closer look at the Old Trafford icon. 

To celebrate the film's worldwide release, we are giving away three movie posters that have been signed by the man himself. So if you want to own one of them - imagine how good it would look on your wall, in pride of place - then all you have to do is enter our competition via the link below.

The closing date for this amazing giveaway is 23:59 BST on Sunday 13 June, but why waste any time? Enter now to secure your chance of winning this brilliant prize.


United legend Patrice Evra has urged supporters to watch the film as soon as possible and, in a brilliant video, revealed one of the many reasons why he loves Sir Alex. “I hope you are all super excited about the documentary on Sir Alex Ferguson, the boss himself,” says the Frenchman. “Don't miss it, he is such an important person and an important figure. 

“I think you are going to know more about the way he grew up, talking about his father, so don't miss it. Also, Ferguson taught me so much in my life and I have a little story I would like to explain to people so they will understand the kind of relationship I have with the boss. It is just amazing. 

“One game, we were winning 2-0 against Tottenham and I was playing a great game. At half-time, I remember being back in the dressing room and everyone was like, 'wow Patrice you are on fire' and they were clapping. So Sir Alex just sat and he didn't talk for five minutes, and when he did this you knew somebody was in trouble. Someone was going to get the ‘Hairdryer’.


“He looked at me and said, 'Patrice, are you okay, do you think you are having a good game?' I said yes and I started looking around, it wasn't a prank and everyone was surprised. He said, 'why did you pass the ball back to van der Sar?' I explained it was because I didn't have any solutions forward and it was just one ball. I always play it forward. He said, 'if you pass the ball again to van der Sar, Vidic or Ferdinand, I will take you out!'. 

“I was fuming and looking at him, wondering if it is real. He destroyed me and I didn't like the injustice, but I didn't say anything in front of everyone because I respected his authority. The next day I went to Carrington and I knocked on the door to his office. 'Hello, who is it, oh Patrice, what do you want son?'. I said, 'what do I want, boss what happened yesterday?'

“He said, 'Patrice, you played one of your best games since you signed for United, but Cristiano was starting to make some flicks, some skill and the team was relaxed - I know you were the best player so I attacked you to send a message to the other players'. I said, 'boss, please, next time just let me know' and he said 'get out of my office you French so and so!’ And that's why I love this game!”

Inside the world premiere of 'Never Give In' article

The new documentary about Sir Alex is an honest, emotional and inspiring account of his life, reports Mark Froggatt.

'Never Give In' was released in UK cinemas on Thursday. It will be available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland from Saturday, and available to rent and own internationally from 31 May.

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