Manchester United's Esports Team

Highlights MD1: United v Galatasaray Video

Check out the highlights from United's meeting with Galatasaray.

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Full Match MD1: United v Galatasaray Video

Check out the full match between United and Galatasaray

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Esports Team Introduction Video

Who's representing United's esports team? Check out the team introduction here.

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eFootball.Pro: United v Juventus Video

Watch United's esports team in action against Juventus at Konami's eFootball.Pro tournament in Barcelona...

eFootball.Pro: The season so far article

United's esports team take a look back at our group stage campaign in Konami's tournament.

eFootball.Pro: United v Celtic Video

Watch how our esports team fared against Celtic in the third round of fixtures at Konami's eFootball.Pro tournament...

eFootball.Pro: United v Arsenal Video

Watch the best action from our esports team's second round of fixtures in Konami's eFootball.Pro tournament...

eFootball Pro: United v Arsenal article

Our esports team captain, Eldridge O'Niel, recaps the second round of fixtures in Barcelona.

eFootball Pro: United v Bayern Munich article

Our eSports team captain Eldridge O'Niel takes up the story of matchday one in Barcelona.

eFootball.Pro: United v Bayern Munich Video

Watch our esports team's first two matches of Konami's eFootball.Pro tournament, against Bayern Munich...

eFootball.Pro: Behind the scenes Video

We take an inside look at how United's esports team have prepared for Konami's eFootball.Pro tournament...

Interview: Eldridge O'Niel Video

Watch our interview with the captain of United's eFootball.Pro team, Eldridge O'Niel, ahead of this year's tournament...

United’s eFootball history-makers article

Each member of our new eSports team recalls how they joined the club.