Diego Forlan and Gary Neville.

'I listened to Gary Neville at Anfield'

Wednesday 18 May 2022 07:00

Gary Neville explained the magnitude of what he had just achieved to Diego Forlan at Liverpool back in December 2002, but the Uruguayan still struggles to come to terms with how fondly his double strike is still remembered to this day.

The pair will be reunited on Saturday for the Legends of the North match against the Merseysiders at Old Trafford.

Forlan wrote his name into the fixture's history with both goals in a 2-1 win at Anfield to inflict our rivals' first home defeat in almost a year, sparking a famous terrace chant in honour of the South American striker.

Watch Diego Forlan's second strike against Liverpool in 2002.

The memories of that date in Liverpool will come flooding back with even sharper focus when he lines up against a side made up of Legends from our traditional foes this weekend, including Neville's sparring partner on Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher.

Forlan is relishing the opportunity to return to Old Trafford for the first time and is guaranteed a warm reception from the supporters. He understands that the fixture will always be special for him.

“You know, the thing I remember is, of course, the goals – every time I see them on TV – but it was after the game when Gary [Neville] came to me and said you don’t know what you did," Diego told us.

"You will be remembered for this for years. I remember those words. I knew it was something important but, you know, I didn’t know in that moment, until now, after 20 years, they would still be singing my name. It's unbelievable.”

When it was suggested he should have paid heed to what Neville was telling him, the forward replied: “I did listen! You know, it’s difficult for me. I know I did something really good and important, scoring two goals playing at Anfield. But there are so many games, in so many years, and the whole history between each other.

"There were many players, they scored two goals like I scored but they still sing my name. I’m really, really proud and it’s something that is really great for me. To be here in Uruguay, sometimes with my family and my wife, and watching the game and they start singing my song. It’s unbelievable.”