Which of his two chants does Cavani prefer to sing?

Sunday 12 September 2021 18:00

Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani is lucky enough to already have two songs dedicated to him by the Old Trafford faithful, but one in particular stands out.

El Matador has become a true fans' favourite since he joined the Reds back in October last year, with his prolific goalscoring and hard work being highly appreciated by supporters.

Unfortunately, Cavani has only briefly had the chance to play in front of fans at Old Trafford due to the pandemic but he grasped the opportunity at the end of last season, scoring that iconic long-range goal against Fulham in front of 10,000 Reds.

Now, with stadiums back to full capacity across English football, we can expect to hear Cavani's name being sung in every corner at the Theatre of Dreams.

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Fans' Q&A: Part two with El Matador

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And surely among the most popular will be those fashioned for Edi.

The first one is based on ABBA's '70s hit, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, with the lyrics as follows:

Give it, give it, give it to Edi Cavani...

Pass him the ball and watch him score all the goals!

Over the summer, a new Cavani song emerged:

I am in love, I can't deny,

Our number seven, he's the king of Uruguay

El Matador, who could that be?

His first name's Edinson,

His second's Cavani

Ohh, ohh, ohh...

The striker even thanked our supporters for his new chant on his Instagram account. 

Cavani loves his new chant!


Edi used social media to thank fans for the song, which we expect to be ringing around Old Trafford soon!

In a recent fan Q&A, Peter from USA asked the 34-year-old if he’s been singing the new song, like he did with the first one when signing a new contract in May.

"That’s a really good question," Cavani said, before explaining further.

"The fans have now come up with a second song, which is a lot more difficult to sing than the previous one! I could follow the first one, ‘Give it, give it give, it to Edi Cavani…’ It was easier to follow, and I could sing along to it in places!

"This second one, which is also really cool and really good too, and right here let me take a moment to thank all the United fans for their warmth and affection, this second song is much more difficult to sing!"

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Since the start of the season, Cavani has changed his shirt number to no.21 following the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, meaning the words of the catchy second chant will have to be altered slightly.

We're all excited to see the Uruguayan playing inside a fully packed Old Trafford and judging by his goal in front of fans against Fulham in May, there might be a few more magical moments to expect from El Matador this season.