Victor Lindelof in Man Utd training

Your questions answered: Lindelof edition

Friday 15 May 2020 19:00

Victor Lindelof is the latest Manchester United player to take time to answer your questions.

MUTV's Mark Sullivan put your various posers to the 'Iceman' while he was back home in his native Sweden, with our centre-back telling us about the best player he's ever played alongside, as well as what he listens to in the changing room before matches.

Check out Lindelof's full answers in the video and in our written Q&A below...

Watch: Our fan Q&A with Lindelof Video

Watch: Our fan Q&A with Lindelof

Who’s the best player Victor Lindelof has ever played with? The Iceman is here with the answers to all your questions…

Cade Dunkley (UK) – What made you choose football over [ice] hockey?
“I think I love hockey as well but I love football even more. I think it was my love of the game that made me choose football over hockey. So it was a tough decision at the time but I felt, in my heart, I wanted to play football and that’s why I chose to play football instead of hockey. I love hockey as well, but football is closer to my heart.”

Zander Symon More – What’s the best feeling you’ve had in the dressing room after a game with United?
“The best feeling? Obviously, it’s a very nice feeling after we win games so, after we win the big games, it’s a very special feeling, of course, because everyone is very happy. We’ve put in a good effort for 90 minutes and then to get the result you want, everyone is very, very happy. Obviously, when we win big games, like the derby, let’s say for example, or after the PSG game that was also a very, very good moment in the dressing room. Everyone was obviously happy that we’d got through to the next phase and knocked out a good opponent so that one. But after every big game, it’s a very nice feeling.”

Miguel Rubio (Colombia) – What is your favourite moment of the season so far?
“We had some good games but, before the season stopped, we had a good run where we had some very good results. So it’s not easy to pick just one moment. There have been a few good games, like I said before, we had a good run before the season stopped. With that, I think I would say the best is yet to come, I think.”

Charlie Roberts (UK) – What is your favourite United moment of all time?
“Well, the same there. We had a few good moments and have been winning some big games but I haven’t won a title yet. I’ll wait until I win a first title and then I can answer that question.”

Aditya (India) – What’s been your best achievement at United?
“The same there. I’ve been performing well and helped the team but, like I answered in the question before, I want to win something so it will be easier to answer that question after we’ve won a big trophy. It’s always been my goal and the goal of every player who represents United. I want to wait until we win my first big trophy.”

WATCH: Lindelof's moments of the season so far, including his goal against Aston Villa.

Daniel (Faroe Islands) – What advice would you give young footballers?
“My advice for young footballers is, when you’re younger, just enjoy the game; play it a lot with your friends and practise. When you get older, my advice is to listen to others, like older players and coaches who have been in your place and know what you have to do to get to the next level. That would be my best advice.”

Remi Porche (UK) – What impact has Ole had at the club?
“Of course, Ole is very important for myself and all the players. He’s the boss and makes the decisions on how he wants us to play. He helps us a lot in the daily training and stuff so it’s been great. Hopefully, we can keep improving under him and get some good results in the future. That’s what everyone wants and is working hard for.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the best player Victor has played with.

Max Beka (Ethiopia) – What are your three favourite songs to listen to before matches?
“Wow, I listen to a lot of music, different kinds of music – hip-hop, indie-pop and Swedish hip-hop. If I have to pick three songs, I’ll go for a song called Showstopper with Mona, a Swedish artist. And then I would pick the Fool’s Gold remix with Rebecca and Fiona. It’s a nice remix and when Derek Pope starts to sign, I really feel the music. Then the third one I have to go with is a song from a Swedish artist called Fricky. It’s called ‘Hon Fa Mig’. Yeah, that’s three songs but there’s a fourth one as well. My friend Sami, a Swedish artist, released a new album recently which I listen to before games.”

Mohamed (American Samoa) – Who is the best player you’ve played with?
“I’ve played with some really good players but, if I have to pick one, I’ll go for Zlatan. I think he’s a great player and I got the chance to play with him in the national team and also in United. He’s the best player.”

Tom Barker (UK) – How have you found it playing alongside Harry Maguire – do you think you’ve improved each other’s games?
“Well, yeah, it’s been great playing with Harry a lot this season. It’s very important to play a lot of games together and you learn a lot from each other. The more games you play, the better you get as players and so it’s been great as we’ve been helping each other a lot and getting some good results. I think we’ve been improving lately as well, before the break, we had a lot of clean sheets and performed well. It’s been great but I’ve played with some others as well this season and we have some really good players in that position. It’s always a pleasure to play alongside everyone. But I’ve played with Harry a lot this season and it’s been great.”