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Must-read: Luke answers questions from fans

Tuesday 13 April 2021 12:59

Our fans' Q&As have proved popular over recent weeks, with thousands of you submitting questions for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Brazilian pair Alex Telles and Fred.

Left-back Luke Shaw is the latest Red to take to the hot-seat and there was certainly plenty to ask the England international after his stellar recent form, which has seen him claim two consecutive Player-of-the-Month awards and earn a recall to Gareth Southgate's senior squad.

Nothing was off the table in our interview, with our no.23 being asked about his dream five-a-side team, which music he listens to and even who has the best fashion sense at the club.

To find out the answers, read the full Q&A and watch the video below...

Angela S, United Kingdom | What music do you listen to and how do you relax?
“Hi Angela. The music I listen to is hip hop and R&B, especially when I’m relaxing; I like to listen to a bit of R&B and chill on the sofa. How I relax is just chilling on the sofa and not having my little man running about and having me chasing him! [Smiles]”

Ulemu M, South Africa | Are you aware of your new nickname Shawberto Carlos?!
“[Smiles] Ulemu I’ll be honest I’ve seen some things on it on social media and sometimes in my group chats my mates send me some stuff and I just laugh about it! [Smiles] I can’t be compared to him, he’s unbelievable! I’m aware of it and it’s nice to be even mentioned alongside his name, but I just laugh about it!”

Fans' Q&A: Luke Shaw answers your questions Video

Fans' Q&A: Luke Shaw answers your questions

Fans' Q&A | Here's another chance to watch the full episode with left-back Luke Shaw...

Amaarah G, South Africa | What’s your first instinct when you receive a pass?
“That’s a good question Amaarah. I think my first instinct is always looking forward. Sometimes you can’t go forward but you always need to have that little look to see where players are and what positions people are taking up to see if you can go forward and attack. That’s always what we want to do first.”

Keane N, United Kingdom | What would be your five-a-side team including only players you’ve played alongside?
“This is a very tough question from Keane. It’s hard this. For my keeper… [pauses]… this is tough because I’ve played with some very good keepers. I’ve played with Deano a little bit but not too much so I can’t put him in, but he’s a brilliant keeper. I think Joe Hart deserves a mention because he was an unbelievable keeper. When I was away with England and played with him I was really impressed with the way he was and the keeper he was, I thought he was absolutely top notch. I’m going to stick with David [De Gea] in goal and then in defence [pauses] this is really hard! [Laughs] I’ve got to put myself in and then I’ll have two in midfield – [Wayne] Rooney and [Paul] Pogba and then one left… a striker. Of course, I played with [Robin] van Persie and he was an unbelievable finisher, but I think I’m going to say, because he’s always on the left side with me and I like having him in front of me, I think I’m going to have to say Rashy.”

Taha H, United Kingdom | Who do you call first after a win?
“Hi Taha, the first person I call after a game is my Dad. He’s always with my Mum anyway so basically I ring them both, especially as they can’t be at the games at the moment. So I make sure I give my Dad a little call after the games to hear his thoughts on the games as he likes to talk about it.”

Vinaya Chandran B, India | You have created the most chances by a Premier League defender this year. Which aspect of your game have you improved more to achieve this?
“Vinaya good question. I think obviously I’ve improved my attacking game, but the most important thing for me was just getting the confidence and belief back. I knew I had it in me, but it was just about getting that back. I think this season I’ve got that back and hopefully I can keep creating more and helping the team out as much as I can.”

Addi S, Jamaica | Who is the fastest player at Manchester United?
“Addi that is an easy question and I think everyone already knows but it’s Daniel James. I saw something the other day about Deano saying he’s the quickest but I wouldn’t even put Deano top 10! [Smiles] I don’t where that’s come from! I’d have to say Daniel James, that’s quite an obvious one.”

Mike L, United Kingdom | How did it feel to score in the Manchester derby win this year?
“Hi Mike, when I scored it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve felt on the pitch for a while. Of course, it was a bit disappointing to score in a big game like that with no fans, but the feeling was still the same I felt inside. It was unbelievable and I felt so happy. It was such a big game and an important time for us and for me. It was a brilliant feeling and hopefully I can score many more goals.”

"Shawberto Carlos? No, he was unbelievable!"


Luke has his say on the meme which was sweeping social media recently, after his fabulous performances at left-back.

Isaac C, United States | Ole says your finishing is great and is the second best on the team behind Mason, would you say that’s true?!
“Isaac, good question… I’m happy to just go with what the manager says… if he says it then it’s true! [Smiles] I think I would put myself up there but I need to back it up on the pitch and start scoring more goals and maybe more people might start believing me! But if Ole said it then I’ll take it. Like I said, I need to be backing it up on the pitch more.”

Erind M, Sweden | How did it feel to be back playing for England. And hopefully you'll be playing again in the Euros?
“Hi Erind. Of course, playing for England is a massive honour and being back involved in the squad was a great feeling and it was great getting the game against Albania. Hopefully maybe in the summer I might be back in there – who knows if I’ll play or not, but the aim is to be in that squad.”

Jami M, Finland | Who is, in your opinion, the best left-back ever?
“Hi Jami. It’s a very tough question this. I think looking back at when I was growing up and my sort of era and watching him a lot and basing my game a lot on him and what I wanted to be like as a player, then I would have to say Ashley Cole. I’ve always been a massive fan of him and thought, when I was growing up, he was one of the best left-backs at that time. For me, as an all-round full-back he was one of the best I’ve ever seen with attacking and defending, so I’d say Ashley Cole.”

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Highlights: City 0 United 2

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Bruce G, United Kingdom | Recently Brandon was asked during a fans Q&A who has the best drip at United and he said Paul, Marcus and himself - would you agree?! If not – who do you think does and how do you rate your own style?
“Hi Bruce, good question. I think I can agree with one part and that’s Paul, he’s got very good dress sense, he’s got a very different style to a lot of people might have but I like it a lot. Rashy’s is alright but Brandon’s is nowhere near. If Brandon thinks he’s got drip with his Palm Angels tracksuits then he’s very far off it! That’s the only thing we see him wearing, it’s nice but that’s literally the only thing he wears so Brandon is nowhere near the top; I wouldn’t even put him top five! Mine is okay, it’s not the best, Paul’s is probably the best. Victor [Lindelof] is very smart with good style and so is Lee Grant. So think I’ll give Paul, Victor and Lee the top three.”

Shyam A, United Kingdom | What’s your favourite assist this season?
“Shyam my favourite assist this season would be… [pauses]… I’d probably say the one against Southampton. I think it was the first goal, crossing for Aaron [Wan-Bissaka] to score at the back stick. Full-back to full-back is always a good one and he finished it nicely, so I’ll have to say Aaron’s.”

Muhammad Z, Indonesia | Who is funnier between Jamo, Jesse or Bailly?
“Hi Muhammad, great question. They’re all different characters and very funny. I think because I’m with him a lot and around him a lot I think I’d have to say Jamo. He would be my number one joker in the team.”

Martin H, Ireland | Besides a footballer what else would you do if you never played soccer?
“Hi Martin, if I wasn’t playing soccer I think I’d probably like to be a police officer. It’s a random one but I watch a lot of series and stuff to do with the police and CIA and MI6 and I’m quite into stuff like that, and I think if I wasn’t a footballer, I think I’d want to do something based around what they do. So I’d say a police officer.”

Bruno Fernandes will be the subject of our next fans' Q&A - watch this space!

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