How United Predictions has made a dream come true

Saturday 18 June 2022 07:00

It is fair to say our United Predictions champion for the 2021/22 season, Juan Cardenas, is giddy with excitement at the prospect of claiming his grand prize.

The 26-year-old earned more points than any other supporter in our game and his reward is a matchday experience at Old Trafford, including travel and accommodation for the night. 

When you consider Juan is based in Colombia and has never attended the Theatre of Dreams before, it’s an incredible story and the dedicated, passionate Red cannot wait to make lasting memories in Manchester. 

Here, we catch up with the United Predictions winner…

How does it feel to be our United Predictions champion for 2021/22?
“It's hard to describe the feeling, because I started playing the predictions game since 2020, and I won a signed shirt, but for this year, I just expected to win another shirt, but not being the champion, so I'm delighted to be the 2021/22 champion.”

Can you describe the exact moment you found out? 
“The exact moment when I found out was curious because, I was on the bus, going to work and I never check my email, but that day I did it and saw the email about being the winner! So the first thing that I did when I saw the email was to take a screenshot and send it to my girlfriend. She was so happy and congratulated me.”

Revealed: United Predictions winner for 2021/22


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You finished with more points than any other fan in the world, so what was the secret to your success across the season?
“The secret was trying to have the most information about the possible starting line-ups and the availability of the players. The formation became a little easy because in the majority of the season it was the same. The First Scorer and the Man of the Match in some cases was just luck and, in other cases, I selected in an aware way.” 

How much did Cristiano Ronaldo contribute to your success, in terms of the First Scorer and Man of the Match categories? 
“Cristiano contributed a lot because in most of the Champions League matches he scored and did a great job, even being the Man of the Match. He also did the same in the Premier League by rescuing results or winning in an incredible way. With Cristiano in the team, I could win more points than usual in the United Predictions game.”
Your grand prize is a flight to Old Trafford and hotel accommodation in Manchester. How excited are you about that? And who will you bring with you?
“It is a dream coming true. It’s been a dream since I was a child to visit Manchester and to see United playing. It doesn't matter the match. I'm astonished with the prize and I'll be delighted to enjoy it. My guest will be my girlfriend, she knows firstly my love and passion for Manchester United - even she knows that if United are playing, I'll be watching the match and I don't answer the phone to anyone. If I am watching, she sits down with me and accompanies me during the match.”

What are you looking forward to most about Old Trafford?
“The first thing is to see different players like Cristiano, Bruno, De Gea, Fred, Rashford, Sancho, Scott and all the squad. The second thing is to be in the great environment of the Old Trafford fans, singing, jumping, screaming. I can't wait to be there and enjoy that moment – I am sure that will be in my memory for the rest of my life.”

Being based in Colombia, how do you follow United, where do you watch, who do you watch the games with and have there been some strange kick-off times for you?
“I usually try to watch all the matches on my TV, computer or phone. When I can't watch the match, I follow with the app that notifies me when the match has started or if someone scored in the match, but for me, United matches are too important to miss. I usually watch alone. Sometimes I watch while I cook with my mom, or with my girlfriend in her house. The most strange kick-off time has been at 6:30 am and in some cases I miss a part of the match because I turn off the alarm and continue sleeping. Some minutes later I remember the match and I put quickly in my phone while I'm in bed!”
We have so much love and respect for our international fans, like Juan, who show extraordinary commitment to support United.
The 2022/23 fixtures are released this week – how excited are you for the new season?
“New season, new manager... I want it to start soon because weekends without a match is like an empty weekend. I hope that United this season can recover the spirit and soul to win matches and obviously trophies. We deserve more, these fans deserve more.”

What do you hope we achieve under Erik ten Hag – are you hopeful for the new season?
“There was some rumours about other managers possibly coming to Manchester United but, on the list, I always preferred Erik ten Hag because I like his style and commitment with his job. I wish him and the team big success in the coming season. I believe with Erik ten Hag, United can recover his essence of Sir Alex Ferguson's era.”
Finally, are you confident about retaining your United Predictions title in 2022/23? 
“It would be magical, but I don't know if I can retain the title because Manchester United is one of the biggest teams in the world, also with more fans around the world, so the competition won't be easy. The competition will be really hard.” 

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