Luke Shaw.

Shaw names his strongest team-mates

Thursday 28 May 2020 07:00

Luke Shaw has revealed the four Manchester United colleagues he considers to be the strongest in the squad.

As part of his weekly diary, the left-back tackled fans' questions and was asked about this subject by @KhaalisDeLas on Twitter.

Luke explains that Scott McTominay and Axel Tuanzebe, two homegrown youth products, are monsters in the gym, while midfielders Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba are tough in terms of getting the ball off them on the pitch.

Axel Tuanzebe and Scott McTominay are at home in the gym at the Aon Training Complex.
"Ohhh, that’s hard," replied Shaw, when asked the question. "We’ve got quite a physically strong team in general.

“Everyone’s quite competitive and we have a lot of lads who enjoy going in the gym. We’ll talk a lot, people will say they’re lifting this or doing that, but a few stand out. Scotty’s very strong and very aggressive with it, Axel is another one who loves it in the gym.

“Beyond that you’ve got the likes of Nemanja and Paul who are very difficult to get the ball off, so I’d probably pick those four.

Another question was supplied by @Akingbemilal, who wanted to know which of the defender's team-mates were the most skilful and had the best technique.

"Most skilful?" he responded. "We’ve got Rashy [Marcus Rashford] and Anthony [Martial], who are both extremely skilful. We see that so much in training and people obviously see it in games as well.

“Paul would fall into that as well because he’s very skilful, and I’d have to say he’s got the best technique as well. I’ve mentioned him before in my diary, but he really does have outstanding technique. With his qualities, I can’t look past him."

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