KSR in the stands at Old Trafford.

Made in Manchester - KSR

Friday 24 September 2021 11:59

KSR didn’t spend much time introducing himself and dived straight into telling us about his love for his city and his club, Manchester United. Still only 19, KSR has turned heads not just in Manchester, but in the music industry thanks to his incredible voice.

“Manchester United means the whole world to me and that’s not an exaggeration! This club has made me a better person,” he told us. Growing up in Moss Side, KSR reveals that he has seen both negative and positive things throughout his life, but he used his exposure to all types of experiences to help him shape the person he is today. He likens his journey to that of the many players to put on the United jersey.

Explaining the memories of his first game, KSR recalls that his uncle took him to Old Trafford and he got to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in the flesh on his debut against Bolton Wanderers, (perhaps he’ll be coming back soon to see him again!).

,KSR wearing the away shirt at Old Trafford.
He saw something of himself in Ronaldo, even when they were both so young, he realised that Cristiano wanted to prove to everybody what he was capable of, and KSR did too.

“Like Ronaldo, I had to show the world what I was capable of and I wouldn’t let anyone stop me.”

KSR details that Ronaldo came from nothing but was destined to become something, he knew what he wanted, and went for it. And that is the Mancunian Way, it’s in the DNA of all of those who are Manchester natives and have found their second home here.

The resilience of Manchester United is something that is reflected in KSR’s creative process, as he explains that the club has played a massive part in who he is as a creator, “I don’t like losing. I want to create things bigger and better every single time I’m in the studio.”

Just like the team gives everything on the pitch, KSR puts everything into his music, and that’s Manchester in a nutshell. “Ole Gunnar Solskjaer holds the fort for the team, and I, [KSR], aim to hold the fort of Manchester with my music.”

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Photo Credit - @jake-millers