Fans' Q&A: Millie Turner

Millie Turner has been brilliant for Manchester United Women so far this season, during our unbeaten start to the WSL campaign.

The Reds defender has been a mainstay in Casey Stoney’s selection, chipping in with two goals in 10 appearances for the early pacesetters.

Our Women's side return to action on Sunday against Everton, but before that Turner took some time out to answer questions submitted by fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s what you asked and what she answered…

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If you had to put one outfield player in goal, who would it be?
“That is a very good question. Do you know what, I’m going to say me. I think I’d put myself in net because I've got the physique and the height, and I think I’d give the goalkeeper's union a run for their money.”

On a scale from 1-10, how good is your general knowledge?
“Someone is obviously trying to stitch me up with that question because general knowledge is not my strongest point, so don’t be inviting me to no quizzes.”

What’s your best memory at Manchester United?
“I’ve made so many unbelievable memories here during my time at United but I think the one that stands out is winning the first major trophy for the club. Here’s to many more!”

Why do you love Ella Toone so much?
“To be honest, I don’t. And I don’t really know where she’s got that idea from. I’m joking, she’s obviously been on this journey with me for the whole time so to go through this journey with your best friend by your side is unbelievable, and I do love her!”

Have you been nutmegged by Tobin Heath?
“No, she hasn’t and she won’t be doing. I'm going to nutmeg her before she nutmegs me. Tobin, I’m coming for you!”

Who’s the best cook in the house?
“Let me guess, has Alessia Russo said this? Because it’s 100 per cent me. I don’t think I’ve seen Alessia pick up a knife.”

Tobin Heath takes a corner
Has Turner been nutmegged by US international Tobin Heath yet?

Who’s the quickest in the team?
“There’s so many quick players in this team but I’m going to say Leah Galton because of the power that she has.”

What was your favourite subject at school?
“My favourite subject was 100 per cent PE. Who’s isn’t? My worst was geography, it’s not my strongest point.”

What are you scared of?
“I am terrified of spiders, it’s so bad.”

Who’s the most competitive in training?
“I think that we’re all proper competitive. You should see some of our training sessions, especially the ones with the small-sided games.”

Who’s the sorest loser when you play small-sided games?
“My team-mates will probably say I’m the sorest loser but I disagree. But I do not like losing, and I always win so it doesn’t matter, anyway.”

Who was the biggest influence when you were growing up?
“I’d have to say my dad, definitely. He’s always supported me like he does with my two brothers and he follows me around the country, around the world, so definitely my dad.”

Who are your usual prank victims - have you got Casey yet?
“My usual prank victims seems to be Tooney (Ella Toone) because she’s just easy to get and Alessia now that she lives with me. No, I haven’t got Casey yet, but I can do if you want.”

Millie Turner and the rest of Casey Stoney's Reds travel to Walton Hall Park to play Everton on Sunday 10 January. The game kicks off at 12:00 GMT and fans in the UK will able to watch the action live on the BBC Red Button.