Pogba reveals all about his United team-mates

Sunday 02 May 2021 08:00

Paul Pogba has given some insight on his Manchester United team-mates in a recent fan Q&A.

The Frenchman is a highly regarded member of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first-team squad and the World Cup winner has been quizzed on what his fellow players are really like.

One of the first questions, from Steve in Nigeria, was: 'Who has the best dress sense in the dressing room?' Never shy, Pogba claimed that accolade for himself.

"I think you already know," he said, laughing. "Yeah, it’s just different, you know. Sometimes people don’t understand it and are a bit surprised with the colours I put in.

"I’m just being myself, just being different. Maybe I’m not the best but, for myself, I am the best and that is all that matters."

Paul lifts the lid on his United team-mates.

However, when Anthony from India wanted confirmation on whether Juan Mata is the nicest man in the Premier League, Pogba was quick and assured in his response.

"Juan Mata is the nicest man, I would say, on the earth," the 28-year-old said about his Spanish midfield compatriot.

"Such a nice person, such a gentleman. He is the gentleman of the world!"

Lucy from the United Kingdom wanted to know who is the tidiest in the dressing room, but maybe more importantly, who the untidiest Reds member is.

"Ah yes, okay. The most tidy is Donny, it’s Donny van de Beek," Pogba responded. "The least tidy is Eric Bailly."

Marcus Rashford has had a magnificent campaign this season and many see him as one of the world’s brightest football talents.

Mo from the United Kingdom wanted our midfielder to explain what the similarities and differences are between his club team-mate and Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe, who Pogba plays with for the France national team.

"They’re two big, big, big talents," our midfield powerhouse explained.

"I think they are so young and so talented. They achieved so much for their young age. I think they are the present and the future of football."

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Luke Shaw has received lots of praise from the dressing room for his shooting in training, but who is the best finisher at the club? Ionne from Finland wanted Pogba's opinion.

"This a nice one. Besides him [Shaw]? I would like to say [Harry] Maguire," the France international said with a cheeky grin, although he might get some words from the skipper for that joke.

"The best finisher, I think it’s Mason [Greenwood]. Yeah, Mason, I would say. And Edi [Cavani]. Yeah, Mason with the feet and Edi with his head."