Three children in the stands at Old Trafford, all smiling and excited.

Send your Reds back to school with these top buys

Thursday 02 September 2021 14:04

There is nothing quite like your school years. It’s one thing after another, or so it seems, whether it is constantly washing grass-stained trousers or making sure that everything is packed in their bags.

With the new school year upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to let some little devils loose in Old Trafford (with their parents keeping a close eye on them) - but more on that later.

First, allow us to feature some of our accessories that mean your young Red can head back through the school gates prepared for the year ahead, whilst supporting their favourite team. The entire range is available on United Direct
Never oversleep with this Manchester United alarm clock!
We know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning and that’s why the first accessory we’ve included in our list is the Manchester United Analogue Alarm Clock, which will help get your little ones up on time and ready to take on the day.
Let your little devil show off their support in style with this backpack!
Arguably the most important part of the school year is a bag to carry everything in. Luckily, with this Manchester United Mascot PVC Backpack, we’ve got you covered with a cool little number that is made from a durable PVC and features an adorable version of the club mascot on the front.

Not only will this bag last your child through thick and thin, but it also means they can show off their support on the playground.
All of your classroom needs are packed into this neat stationery set!
Of course, the little ones are at school to learn, and that’s why they need stationery to note down all their literacy and numeracy work. Our Stationery Set is perfect for this, as it includes a pencil case, pencils, a ruler, a sharpener and an eraser! 

The bamboo lunchbox makes every mealtime a treat!
After that, keeping their bellies full so that they have enough energy to learn and play is just as important, and that’s why our Bamboo Mix Lunchbox is the next feature on this list. Made from bamboo, this lunchbox isn’t only a great option for the planet thanks to its sustainable construction. Completed with the club badge on the lid, the little ones can enjoy their lunchtime with their favourite club.
Ensure that your food is hot or cold all day thanks to this great flask.
Keeping hydrated is also important for everybody, not just for the kids. That’s why our Manchester United Water Bottles are a great option as it means that your little devils won’t ever be thirsty. Be sure to check them out here. It’s also available in a sleek black aluminium version, too.

Be sure to check out the entire back to school range that is on offer at United Direct, and as always, we’d love to see you with your United gear, so be sure to tag us over at @weareunited and use #weareunited too.