Kuszczak: De Gea reminded me of Spiderman!

Former Manchester United keeper Tomasz Kuszczak says he could not believe the agility of David De Gea when he first joined the club and the pair were training together.

The ex-Reds stopper worked with De Gea during the 2011/12 season and while discussing him in Wednesday’s MUTV Group Chat, Kuszczak recalled a moment in training when the Spaniard displayed Spider-Man-like skills.

“I trained with him for nearly a year and I remember I used to watch someone hit a ball towards the top corner and from nowhere he would fly across and save it like Spider-Man! I was like ‘wow what a guy,’” explained Tomasz. “He’s powerful and quick, and a top guy. Obviously you’ll make mistakes, we all do, but he has proved himself for many years.”

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Kuszczak also praised De Gea’s consistent quality over the last few years in particular, labelling our no.1 one of the best stoppers in the game.

“His performances over the last eight or nine years have been unbelievable,” he declared. “To play for a team which is doing well and is on top is easy, but unfortunately after Sir Alex left there were changes at the club, United struggled a little bit and David was put under massive pressure. I’m not surprised he picked up the best player award for four or five years in a row because he deserved it. He’s made so many key saves and in almost every game he has been under massive pressure.

“I played some games for United and I touched the ball three times maybe, I had nothing to do! I just passed the ball and we won 3-0, thank you very much! [Smiles] David hasn’t had that, in almost every game he’s played he’s made massive saves and for me he’s an unbelievable goalkeeper and one of the best, no doubt about it.”

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