Read Rashford's powerful BT Sport interview in full

Thursday 27 May 2021 13:56

When asked by BT Sport to sum up his feelings after the Europa League final, Marcus Rashford’s response was emotional, from the heart and brutally honest.

Here it is in full:

“Disappointment. In one word… disappointment. The feeling inside is difficult to explain, because at the end of the day we came here to win. We’ve been working so hard all season and this was the opportunity to win a trophy, and it didn’t happen for whatever reason. We have to get rid of the disappointment but after that, we need to look back at the game, see what we did wrong and where we can improve.

“All I can say is the team will not give up. There’s no chance that the team gives up. The manager will not give up. He will not allow us to give up. We will come next season with a bigger desire. The club, Manchester United – people say a lot about Manchester United, they’re going downhill, blah blah blah blah blah – but for me, the club, the desire, the hunger, the talent, the ability, the squad… we have everything to compete at the highest level. We just have to show – show it to the world and show it to ourselves. Show why we belong in the top places, show why we belong in finals like this, show why we need to be winning finals like this. 


“In the league we finished second – second doesn’t count for nothing. It doesn’t count for nothing. Manchester City win the league, we finish second, it doesn’t mean nothing. Villarreal win the Europa League, we finish second… for us, it’s nothing. I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, they were so close’ because it doesn’t mean anything. There’s one winner and one loser, and today we lost. And we need to find out why and make sure, next time, we don’t lose. We don’t lose.
“I’m 100 per cent sure [that we can compete for the biggest trophies]. Why? Sacrifice. To win big trophies you have to sacrifice. I could walk you into the dressing room now and I could show you five, six, seven players – me as well – who have been carrying injuries. From, September, the beginning of the season. And we all stay together as a unit and we fight to be successful for the club. This year it didn’t happen, but next year… we have to go away now and clear our heads. And when we come back we start fresh. 
Highlights: Europa League final Video

Highlights: Europa League final

It was a disappointing night in Gdansk, despite Cavani's goal and a marathon penalty shootout...

“When Ole came in there was a process and the players, we believe in this process. This isn’t the end of the process. Part of the process is having ups and having downs, and we’ve had plenty of ups and downs every single season. Just because we lose today, I promise, I promise you, I promise the fans – we don’t give up. There is no chance we give up. We come next season with more desire, more hunger and we have to do our best on the pitch. We have to give 110 per cent and if what I just said, the sacrifice… it means a lot because I know, in every club they don’t have this sacrifice. But in the top clubs they have and that’s why they win the trophies. 

“We are close. I promise we are close. But close is not good enough. We have to be there.” 
A majority of United supporters have praised Rashford's passionate post-match interview.


Fronting up to the media after such a disappointing defeat was clearly a difficult experience for Marcus.

Fans on Twitter were quick to acknowledge and appreciate the passion he showed while speaking to BT Sport...

@LJxmes: “We are Manchester United and we will be back. You saw from the Rashford interview that the belief is there and that the players are willing to sacrifice themselves for this club. We focus on this window and move forward as a club. Draw, win or lose we are Manchester United.”

@RealKevinPalmer: “Wonderful interview with Marcus Rashford. What a fine young man he is. Speaks from the heart and any question that he doesn't feel the pain of defeat is banished here.”

@MrKartShyam: “Marcus Rashford's post-match interview nearly brought me to tears. Stick with this team and this manager, by all means criticise them and fairly do so, but stick with them. They need us.”

@sjhphoto1: “If there was anything that could reinspire anyone's faith it's the @MarcusRashford interview. The passion is raw there and you can see how much the players trust in Ole.”

@Lordmuca: “Fair play to Rashford, after the game he had to front it up like this in the post match interview.”

@_mer119: “Just saw that Rashford interview and man I felt it. It’s disappointing but we’re gonna come back and win I have no doubts.”

@MattTaylorVII: “That Marcus Rashford interview was incredible! Forget being a United fan, that was one of the best interviews I’ve seen by a football player in a very long time. Passion, hunger & belief in the manager & trust in the process. Beautiful!”

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