Revealed: Cavani's favourite goal

Sunday 12 September 2021 19:00

What's Edinson Cavani's favourite goal?

It's a tough question to ask a striker who has netted over 400 for club and country during his illustrious career - but we asked our supporters what they'd like to know from El Matador and you've asked it anyway!

To find out the answer, as well as what Edi makes of British food and what he'd do if he wasn't a footballer, scroll down...

Fans' Q&A: Part two with El Matador Video

Fans' Q&A: Part two with El Matador

Edi expands on his favourite goal, fan chants, British food and haircuts in the second half of his interview…

Dayne from South Africa: Do you set yourself targets for goals/assists?
“I think it’s very important to set yourself targets. In every sense and many different instances. It’s very important in life. In sport, in my case, I don’t set myself an exact number of goals, but I keep setting myself small targets. Throughout the season. Hit a certain number of goals and then keep increasing to a higher figure and so on. I don’t ever think it’s good to just think to yourself ‘I want to score 30 goals this season’. Because you might not have even scored five goals yet! So that would have a negative effect on what you really want to happen. So, the key I believe, is to go at it in stages. So keep setting yourself smaller targets and goals, is a good thing. I’m not giving exact numbers or figures because I honestly don’t think about them, but it’s good to keep setting yourself little targets and take things step by step.”

Francolen from South Africa: Do you like being called El Matador?
“I was first given the nickname Matador in Italy, around the time I signed for Napoli. And that nickname stuck and has remained with me throughout the rest of my career and I think that if you say El Matador fans remember me. I think they gave it me because when I first got to Napoli, things started to go well for me, I began scoring regularly, we began winning games and the team were winning lots of things, I say lots of things, I mean we had a long winning run of games. And because I was getting on the scoresheet all the time meant that they nicknamed me El Matador. Of course, the Matador is the guy who brings the bullfight to an end. So you couldn’t really argue against what the fans had come with for me, from way back right up to today that nickname has still stuck with me!”

Adrian from Malaysia: What's the best goal you've ever scored?
“You’re asking me which is the best goal I’ve ever scored. You can imagine that out of all the goals I’ve scored, there are plenty of spectacular ones, and also some important ones too. But for me there’s one that stands out as the best and most important. It’s the first goal I ever scored in Italy after I’d gone to Palermo. Because there’s a story behind the goal, it’s not just the goal itself. I’ll tell you about that one day! But it’s my best goal for a few reasons; how the game was going, we’d had a player sent off… I wasn’t in the coach’s plans at all, our striker at that time was missing as he had a temperature, so they called me at home to ask me to join up with the squad and I was on the bench. The coach got sent off from the touchline, and it was the assistant coach who decided to bring me on. And we were down to ten men at the time, against Fiorentina. It was Palermo v Fiorentina. So, I got my chance to come on with twenty minutes remaining, and I managed to score that goal. And if you get the chance to search it up and have a look, you’ll see it was a fantastic goal too. A beauty! But again, it’s the best and most important goal for me personally because it was my first, and the one that you could say opened up the doors for me to this new world, which was for me European football, which is where I’d always wanted to come and give the best of myself, and wanted to play and wanted to shine and so for all of those reasons it was my most important goal…”

Fans' Q&A: Part one with Edinson Cavani Video

Fans' Q&A: Part one with Edinson Cavani

Watch as Cavani tackles a selection of your questions, on his celebration, pre-match rituals and more…

Taramdeep from Thailand: What's your favourite British food?
“I’m very much someone who loves everything about my country, and I know what I like. So when you go abroad, some of the things that you don’t want to leave behind are your roots, your culture and your food! So I always try and eat our own style of food, our own dishes. As for British food, I can’t point you to anything that I could really say was my favourite. I think it’s a case of us always having tried to cook and make our own Uruguayan dishes, and when we go out to eat, we try and go somewhere where the food is fairly similar to what we eat back home. But now you ask that question, I’m definitely going to look out for typical local food from around here and start to try out more things and then at some point I will answer your question!”

Graham from UK: If you couldn't play football, what would your dream job be?
“If I hadn’t been a footballer… who knows what would have become of my life! No, if I hadn’t become a player, I’m pretty sure that I would have been working in something related to the countryside. Some kind of work where I was in contact with nature and the outdoors. I’m so sure of this because since I was a kid I’ve always enjoyed being out in the open air. Outside and close to nature, green spaces and fresh air, with livestock. And as the years have passed by, I’ve come to realise that this has never changed. Irrespective of how my career has gone, that is the world that I always go back to. And my world is the countryside, animals and wildlife. What I’m not sure of is what job I would have done, maybe become a vet, or maybe tried to become an agricultural engineer. I’m not entirely sure what I would have been, but yes, I would have worked in the countryside, for sure.”

Would Edi ever cut his hair short?


Cavani is famed for his luscious locks, but one fan wanted to know if he'd consider getting rid of them...

Peter from USA: We saw you post about your song by the fans - have you been singing it?
“That’s a really good question. The fans have now come up with a second song, which is a lot more difficult to sing… than the previous one! I could follow the first one, ‘Give it, give it give, it to Edi Cavani…’ It was easier to follow, and I could sing along to it in places! This second one, which is also really cool and really good too, and right here let me take a moment to thank all the United fans for their warmth and affection, this second song is much more difficult to sing!”
Louis from UK: Will you ever cut your hair short again?
“Funnily enough this is a question that I hear a lot amongst my friends and family when they ask, ‘can you ever see yourself having short hair Edi?’ ‘Edi, have you ever though of getting your hair cut shorter?’ So, this topic quite often does come up when chatting with friends and family. And I just don’t know, I’m not sure. I had short hair until I was fifteen, which was when I decided to go to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to play football. That’s when I started to let my hair grow, right up until today, and so, what’s that? Just think, it’s nearly twenty years now that I’ve had long hair. Like I just said before, I don’t know whether I’ll get it cut and wear it shorter. Neither could I see any reason to do that because I do like having my hair long just like this and I can’t really imagine myself with short hair. I think it’s a lot to do with when I was a kid, and my Mum would always be cutting my hair and even giving me a buzz cut for school and to avoid getting nits. I don’t think my Mum wanted to be there all the time picking them out!! So, she would pretty much shave my head and leave it like that… So I guess that is maybe why…, because I didn’t like it one bit... so maybe that’s partly the reason why I don’t want to get my hair cut and probably never will do either, from now right up to when I’m old!”