Question Marc: Skinner reveals three coaching inspirations

Wednesday 24 May 2023 17:00

Manchester United fans can now garner more of an insight into the mind of our women’s team head coach Marc Skinner via a brand-new and exclusive question-and-answer series.

We recently challenged you to send over any burning questions for Skinner – you delivered - and we put as many of those to him as possible in the first episode of the aptly named ‘Question Marc’ feature, which you can now watch below.

The inaugural instalment offers a chance to get to know more about the boss via a wide variety of topics, including who his coaching inspirations are.
Question Marc | Brand-new series Video

Question Marc | Brand-new series

Question Marc | You're guaranteed to find out something new about United Women's head coach in this special Q&A...

“Good [question]. Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls," he responded, picking the head coach of the legendary basketball team of the 1990s.

"It's just bringing a different viewpoint towards a sport is hugely important. I think he epitomised taking a group of players that probably underperformed, finding the right people and then putting them together to be unbelievable, one of the most famous teams of all time. 

“I think Eddie Jones [former England Rugby head coach] as well, being an educator, a teacher that came into sport and had a different way of thinking about the game. I think I've got a slightly different way because of my background; I think a slightly different way of thinking about the game.

“Then within the sport, I think it'd be amiss to not mention Brian Clough [two-time European Cup-winning manager with Nottingham Forest], who is a huge motivating person for me. When I look at him and what he did and how he did it, it was, whatever is in your way, I'm going to overcome that obstacle. And I think that was a huge factor for me whenever I see him. So those would be top three.”

During the episode, the boss also provided advice to young girls looking to play for United, discussed differences between the women’s top flight in the UK and the USA (having managed in both), and gave us his favourite curry dish!

Skinner also lets us know who he thinks is the funniest member of his Reds squad, and he had little doubt when giving his answer.

“Oh, Rachel Williams, no doubt. Rachel Williams,” he said, with a smile on his face.
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“She's cheeky. She is a practical joker. I mean, look, there's a few like Zel [Katie Zelem] and so on that have got a cheeky nature, Grace Clinton is quite cheeky too. 

“But Rachel's just another level of energy. I very rarely see her have a bad day and that, for me, is a huge impact that she makes in our dressing room.

“But yeah, she's very much a practical joker.”


Be sure to check out the first episode of the series here.

Got a question for Marc? You can submit it now, and the boss could answer it on a future instalment of the feature!