7,777 Devils have been unleashed!

Wednesday 21 December 2022 15:00

The Devils are the next step in Manchester United’s digital story.

A collection of 7,777 mischievous digital collectibles, unleashed into the world in collaboration with our blockchain partner Tezos. The Devils will represent everything our fans associate with our football club: teamwork, heritage and pure joy in victory.


The Devils have always existed. Living behind the scenes at Old Trafford, they’ve won with the team, lost with us, shed tears and celebrated in glory. But we’ve never had the technology to make contact with them and bring them into the light. Until now.

Alongside our blockchain partner Tezos, we’ve created the tools to commune directly with The Devils. They may have remained quiet, hidden, cheering on Man Utd without recognition. But now Tezos has crafted The Key, everything has changed. We’ve unlocked the tunnel that leads directly to where The Devils live.

And we’re inviting our fans to be a part of their story. Through blockchain technology, our worldwide community has a direct link to the very heart of our club.

The Devils are pieces of exclusive club memorabilia that will be their owner’s Web3 identity across the internet. But they’re also blockchain-based guardians to the heart of Manchester United. Holding one of these is not just for show; The Devils have real rewards and utility for Reds worldwide.
Unlock Your Devil: Watch our launch video

There are 7,777 Devils and each one is unique, giving their holders a piece of truly exclusive Manchester United club merchandise. Through a method of production known as generative art, each digital collectible has a particular combination of features. When they come together, the give each Devil their own special character

All Devils are made up of seven different layers or “attributes”, such as backgrounds, bodies, horns, faces and expressive details. The digital collectible’s rarity comes out of how often their attributes appear in the overall collection. 
For example, your Devil could be Blue with a Happy Face and Adorned Horns. The Happy Face might be quite common, but the Blue background makes it one of the rarer items. Mix the Adorned Horns into the equation and you have a unique NFT that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Devils come in three colours which represent an ascending level of rarity: Red, Green and Blue. All Devils are special and give their holders access to members-only areas of our club. But getting your hands on a Blue one brings with it truly incredible prizes.

There are rumours from those who’ve already seen through the keyhole about much-fabled and rarely-spotted gold and black Devils. We’ll have to wait to see if they appear when the collection leaves its current home underneath Old Trafford.

Introducing: The Devils


Meet the new digital collectibles inspired by the history and victories of Manchester United.


To unlock the keyhole and release a Devil, you’ll need The Key, Manchester United’s first ever digital collectible. It was awarded to fans as a gift from 16 December. 

The Keys come in three levels of rarity:

  • Classic: gives its holder the chance to buy a Devil on 22 December.
  • Rare: gives its priority access to Devils on 21 December.
  • Ultra Rare: also gives it holder priority access to Devils on 21 December.

    Once you have your Key, come to the portal at the right time and phase to unlock your Devil (if any remain). They’ll cost £30, which you can pay using your credit or debit card. Or you can pay for it with the equivalent amount of XTZ, the cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain.
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    Our first-ever digital collectible is here! Here are seven benefits fans can unlock with official digital memorabilia.


    Interest in digital collectibles has been growing over the past few years and we’ve been working with The Devils to make sure they offer our fans genuine benefits - see here for more.

    But this is just the start of what United and Tezos have lined up. And we’ll be coming up with even more ways to reward our loyal fans and community with digital collectibles. Stay tuned for updates and join us in welcoming The Devils to the world.

    Manchester United’s officially licensed Digital Collectibles, powered by Tezos and brought to you by Tezos ecosystem companies, are a form of cryptoasset. Manchester United Digital Collectibles have been issued as a collectible item and not an investment. However, it is important that you keep in mind that: 

    1. Manchester United Digital Collectibles are not currently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and are not covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme;  

    2. the value of Manchester United Digital Collectibles is variable and can go down as well as up; 

    3. tax may be payable on any profits made on the sale of Manchester United Digital Collectibles; and

    4. for those Digital Collectibles which require purchase, the decision to purchase Manchester United Digital Collectibles requires careful thought and consideration. You should seek independent financial advice if you are in doubt. You should not purchase any cryptoassets if you do not fully understand the nature of your purchase and the risks involved.