Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani answers your questions!

Saturday 11 September 2021 06:59

Edinson Cavani is one of Manchester United's most popular players right now, with his 17-goal debut season at the club launching the Uruguayan to near-instant cult hero status.

It seems only right, then, that the 34-year-old should sit in front of our cameras and tackle some of the questions submitted by those supporters who so adore him.

So insightful and rewarding was our Q&A session with Edi that we've opted to split it into two parts, with the former PSG man revealing his toughest opponent, the United legend he'd like to have played with most and more in this, Part 1.

Interested? Watch the video below and then read the transcript in full...

Fans' Q&A: Part one with Edinson Cavani Video

Fans' Q&A: Part one with Edinson Cavani

Watch as Cavani tackles a selection of your questions, on his celebration, pre-match rituals and more…

Angie from Malta: How did you come up with your celebration?
“Hi Angie, how are you? I hope you’re well. Look, I’ve changed my celebration a few times now and again. But this latest one comes from when you start growing up and begin to learn and gain knowledge about things that date back from a long time ago. It kind of comes from our population, our native Uruguayans. Because I think and feel that down through the various generations of my family, I have roots from back in those times. I got the idea of being able to do the celebration where I take out the arrow and fire it. So that’s a bit of the history behind it, which in turn explains the thinking behind my daughter’s name, India. It’s all connected! There, I’ve explained it all a bit for you!”

Caleb from South Africa: Who's the toughest opponent you've faced or encountered?
“You can imagine that I’ve played against lots of different opponents, and lots of tough ones too. But I’ve always said, and for a long time now, that the most difficult defender I’ve come up against was Giorgio Chiellini. We’ve played against each other in many games, and we’ve competed against each other all over the pitch, so yes I can tell you that Giorgio Chiellini has been the toughest defender I’ve had to face.”

Devin from USA: Do you have a pre-game ritual to prepare for a match, and if so, what is it?
“Look, I’m not really one for rituals, for me the most important ritual that I have is knowing that I’m in the best shape I can be when each game comes around. My best ritual is to train hard every day so when matchday arrives I can feel a peace and tranquillity within me that I’m ready to face up to this latest game and this new challenge ahead of me. But I don’t have any set pre-match rituals. Sometimes I listen to some music, I pass the time chatting with my teammates, always focussing on the game of course, but as I say, I’m not someone who has a lot of rituals. For me the most important ritual is to go into the game being ready and prepared. Do you see? Train hard every day so you’re ready for the moment the challenge begins.”

Cavani singles out his toughest opponent


The Uruguayan picks one of Serie A's finest defenders as a particular nightmare to play against.

Jake from UK: What’s your favourite moment in a Man Utd jersey so far?
“I think that simply putting on this club’s shirt means an awful lot. It fills you with pride every day and makes you proud every game you play. You feel happy at being able to be part of this club. I can’t tell you about one particular moment, because I’ve had the chance to enjoy lots of different moments at the club, scoring goals, winning games. As you know, I got to play in last season’s final, and it didn’t turn out to be the best occasion for us but, they are still moments you get to experience. But the biggest source of pride and happiness for me is having the chance to be a part of this club.”
‘Sending you all a massive hug!’ Video

‘Sending you all a massive hug!’

Attention all United fans: Edinson Cavani has a special message for you…

Mothusi from Botswana: Any key lessons you would love to give to someone aspiring to be a striker?
“One of the key things for any budding striker, or youngster who wants to play up front, and it’s not exclusively for attacking players, but for sports people in general and principally footballers; is to have a lot of intuition. Being intuitive helps you on many occasions to read the game. It helps you to anticipate what is going to happen. And this is absolutely vital for when you are playing because you really need to be ready for everything which is about to happen next. This is a little of what football and indeed team sports are all about. Good anticipation is a real positive for a striker because you need to remain focussed and concentrate hard, trying to picture what is about to happen so you can anticipate the next move and be there a second or even a milli-second ahead of your direct opponent. This will help you and enable you to let’s say, find the space in which you can score a goal. After that, you also have to train very hard! You have to train, keep training, and train a little bit more, put in the hard work and keep persevering. That too is hugely important.”

Azrie from Malaysia: If you could play alongside any Man Utd legends for one season, who would that player be and why?
“I reckon that Cantona would be a player with whom I would have liked to share the pitch here! That is because of his character and for the way he lived out his football. And as I said, for his personality out there on the pitch.”

Look out for the second part of the Q&A, which we'll release on Sunday. Alternatively, order the Newcastle edition of United Review to read the full thing.