"It's called Dream Day for a reason"

Thursday 13 October 2022 13:01

The players who participated in Manchester United Foundation's Dream Day on Monday have been further reflecting on what a special occasion it was for all involved.

The poignant events, which bring invited groups of supporters with serious and life-limiting illnesses to the training ground to meet members of the men's first-team squad, were paused for 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So there was an extra special feeling in the air when the first Dream Day since 2019 was held at Carrington, and not just because the Reds had secured an impressive 2-1 away win over Everton in the Premier League a little over 12 hours earlier.

It was clear that the players were looking forward to meeting their fans and spending time chatting, signing autographs and posing for photos in a relaxed and happy environment in the Jimmy Murphy Centre.
Inside a very special Dream Day Video

Inside a very special Dream Day

Our cameras take you inside the Dream Day event at Carrington, as we speak to fans as well as Harry, Bruno and co...

From there, our guests were later able to watch the team train as preparations for Thursday's game against Omonia Nicosia got under way.

As one fan commented, this special opportunity made them feel even more like part of the club and the United family. 

The players, meanwhile, expressed what the event meant to them in the quotes you can read below and the video you can watch above.

"For us, it's a special day to see these kids and the smiles on their faces. They have got to see their biggest idols and for us it's a special moment. It's a special day for them and it's a special day for us too, these kinds of days are a big part of Manchester United. They are part of our family and it's special to make them happy and to make this a beautiful day."


"It's always great to see the fans and see the kids so excited - it's been brilliant. It's really important to create this connection; it's a special day for them and for us too, to be able to see them and spend some time with them. I'm settling well at this club and I'm really looking forward to more days like this."


"It's a dream for a reason. I think that's why it's called Dream Day. They want to be out there and it's a big opportunity for them to see us train. Not many people can do that generally. It's a very good thing. Seeing the smiling faces and connecting with the fans like this is always nice. It's been good chatting with them and having some nice conversations - everyone's in good spirits.

"It's a dream for these kids and it's great that we can invite them down, for them to enjoy training and meet us too. They're struggling more than we are, so it's great to put a smile on their faces. 

"The Foundation supports a lot of great causes and it's a very good thing to focus on. It's great that the club organises things like this and it gives us a chance to give back to the kids and all their families."

"We know how much these days mean to our club; ever since I joined the club it's been clear to me how much we do in the community and how important that is. Putting smiles on fans' faces and making them happy is what it's all about.  A big part of why we play the game is to bring joy to people and put smiles on their faces; when you walk in a room and you see how excited they are is great to see. 

"Hopefully it's going to be a great morning and hopefully they enjoy training and can cheer when a few goals go in! The energy and positive vibes really rub off on the players and I know the whole team are really excited to see the kids. We've really missed days like this, so it's great to have them back. I'm sure there will be many more to come in the future."


"Today has been really good. This isn't my first time, but every time we do these days it is special as it's always great to meet different kids and different people. It's good to share some nice moments with them and give them a good experience. Being with some of their idols, I hope it will leave a mark on their lives. And for us too, it's really nice to have some good words from them - it makes you happy.

"For us, this is just a little thing, but for them it is such a big thing, it's really special. For me, as a father, this makes me really proud to do these kind of things and make someone happy just by having my company and my autograph. Knowing that it is a big occasion for them makes it really special for me, too.

"One of the kids was doing my celebration and I said to him that it has been a long time since I've done that celebration, but hopefully it will be soon [when I do] and then I can make him happy. Maybe we can do that celebration again together. Football is a big thing, a dream for us as players. 

"It's everything we've done over the years to be in this kind of position, so when you get there you always appreciate people's support, it's nice to see that you can make them happy. It's really nice for us to be recognised, by people, by kids; seeing kids doing my celebration is something special. When you dream about playing football you don't think about things like this, but when it happens, you're speechless."
For more information about Dream Days and Manchester United Foundation, please visit www.mufoundation.org.