Ten Hag: We are expecting high intensity

Saturday 23 September 2023 08:00

Erik ten Hag says that Manchester United must be prepared for a difficult fixture at Turf Moor this evening (Saturday), when the Reds take on Burnley in the Premier League.

With Vincent Kompany at the helm, the Clarets won the Championship last season and earned their first point of the new campaign in their most recent outing, drawing 1-1 at Nottingham Forest.

It will be a second away trip in four days for the Reds, with Ten Hag's side having fallen to a narrow 4-3 loss at Bayern Munich on Wednesday, and the boss is keen for his players to become more consistent and reach a high level of performance.

Ahead of the match, Erik spoke to club media and explained that due to the way Burnley play, United must be prepared for a tough game at Turf Moor. Read the full pre-match Q&A below...

Matchday Q&A | Ten Hag on Burnley (A) Video

Matchday Q&A | Ten Hag on Burnley (A)

Matchday Q&A | Erik speaks about Vincent Kompany, Sergio Reguilon, Manchesterplatz and more...

Erik, you were are part of the delegation that went to Manchester Platz before heading home on Thursday. What was the experience like and how did it feel to spend some time with the supporters there?
“First, it gives a strong emotion to be there in that spell. I think it's a huge occasion and historically for Manchester United, and it crowns the club. It's what happened there and such an adversity and how you have to deal with it. I think that period showed it was such a sad happening. And when you feel it in the moment you are there but also acknowledge what came out and that they won [the European Cup] after 10 years, they bounce back. And I think that that is the standards of Manchester United. It was, for a big part, based on what's happening there in 1958.

Yeah, was a very emotional trip. And you're home now and now have to focus on the game with Burnley. How's the squad looking? You mentioned in the press conference there are a few players who will be training before you know if they're going to be fit…
“Yes. So we have final training. So we are in the short period between games. So we have to find out in the training how fit the players are. And, of course, we have information, we have backgrounds, but still we have to see in the training how fit they are acting and then we will pick a team.”

You said after Wednesday's game you want your players to do their jobs better. So what reaction are you looking for individually and collectively?
“It's not about one game. We show in every game that we can play very good football, on the highest level, because [we're] against the very best opponents. But also that we make, in this moment, mistakes and we are losing games and top football is about moments. So we have to avoid making mistakes because, otherwise, it's very difficult to win the big games.”

What have you made of Sergio Reguilon’s start at United? The fans have been very positive about his early displays so far.
“We're very happy with him and it is not easy to [be] coming into a team you don't know. And there was less preparation. Of course, he's experienced. [A] very good base he has but then still to know our rules and we didn't have the time to teach them, to coach them in training or in the preparation time, in like a pre-season. But he had to go straight in and he did well.”

Ten Hag: At United, we fight together


Erik explains the unity within the club as the Reds head to Burnley seeking an upturn in form.

Rasmus Hojlund has scored a couple of similar goals, one that was disallowed against Brighton and then the one that counted against Bayern. Are you happy to see him in the box getting on the end of things like that?
“I don't think it was a similar goal. The first was from across and the second now is coming from an attack through the middle. Yeah, but we know he can score, so we are happy. Now he gets a start and, I already said previously, I'm confident he will score goals.”

Burnley earned their their first point of the season last week, so how do you assess their style? Because it's very different, a very different Burnley to when we last played them in the Premier League…
“I've heard but that is the style and the philosophy of the manager. And you can see really his signature in that game from them. So we're really looking forward and, as every game it is going to be a tough game. It's going to be a high-intensity game and we have to be ready for it.”
Part one: Press conference v Burnley Video

Part one: Press conference v Burnley

Press conference | Ten Hag gives updates on several injured Reds ahead of United's trip to Turf Moor...

Vincent Kompany is still in the early stages of his managerial career. How impressed have you been with his development? You, of course, faced him already last season as well…
“Yeah, but also in my period in Ajax. We played actually, every year, a friendly against him, so we know each other quite well. So it was impressive what he has done with Burnley and to get promoted from the Championship. But not only that you get promoted, that is already a huge achievement in the Championship, but also the way they did it. Really impressive and I am really happy for him and also for Burnley to be back in the Premier League.”

Will this be your first visit to Turf Moor? Have you ever been?
“No, I've never been.”

It's one of the oldest grounds in the league and it will be a great atmosphere for a 20:00 BST kick-off as well...
“It's going to be great.”

Yeah, you need to silence their crowd quickly…
“But as [with] every game, it's about us and we have to stand up. We have to take responsibility and we have to get the right spirit in and, of course, the right game-plan. And then we go off.”