Cristiano Ronaldo and Wes Brown.

Five moments we love from Ronaldo x Brown

Thursday 09 September 2021 18:00

Wes Brown’s exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford is now available to watch in full via the Manchester United app – and it is not one you want to miss.

Here are just five moments that we absolutely love…

The video begins with Cristiano emerging from the tunnel at the Theatre of Dreams, wearing his 2021/22 home shirt and beaming as he sees his former team-mate Wes ahead. As he steps out of the dark and into the stadium bowl, he stretches his arms out wide as if he is celebrating another goal in our famous red jersey. He's clearly buzzing, and so are we.

While walking onto the pitch, Brown tells Ronaldo about the electrifying atmospheres that our fans have generated so far this season and references the constant chants of 'Viva Ronaldo' throughout the recent 1-0 win at Wolves. “Yeah, Bruno told me, Bruno told me,” laughs Cristiano, revealing the chats that he and our other Portuguese magnifico must have shared in the international break. 

Stood in the centre circle, Ronny speaks passionately about his return: he is here for more success and not a trip down memory lane. “This is why I am here,” he states with a look of determination. “I am not here for vacation. As I told you, before was good, winning important things and I wore the shirt before many years ago, but I am here to win again. I am capable, me and my team-mates. I am ready to go, I am ready to go. It is a good chance for me, for the supporters, for the club, to get one step ahead. I am ready and I think I will be a huge thing in the next three or four years.”

As he wanders towards the dugout, a clearly relaxed Cristiano opens up about his love for the people of Manchester. "It is a good feeling. I know the people here are different. Since I touched on the ground in the airport on the first day, I felt the people's emotion. That is not because I am a Manchester player: they saw me growing up here since I was 18 years old, with my passion and everything. I feel very emotional, with the desire. I feel good, with good energy.”

From the exact spot where he entered the action for his 2003 debut, Ronaldo remembers how anxious he felt back then and admits those same nerves will hit him on Saturday. As he joked with Brown, he hopes the boss will let him start against Newcastle. “I did not expect to start or to even come on in the game [in 2003], so I was super nervous. Of course I will be nervous on Saturday, but I am more mature, I am more experienced, I will be prepared and I am going to make pressure to Ole now to start in the XI [laughs]. I am ready to go!”

Watch the full video in the United App now.