Every word from Casemiro's Fans' Q&A

Monday 05 December 2022 11:57

Why did Casemiro decide to move to Manchester United?

The Brazilian midfielder has scored some crucial goals and had some standout moments during his storied career, but which are his favourite? And what does he do away from football?

All these questions and more are answered, in the latest episode of our Fans' Q&A series...

Damian, UK: How is life in Manchester and how do you feel you have settled into the club?
“Well everything is going really really well. I’m very happy and my family is also very happy too. I have nothing but thanks for everyone here at the club. Every member of staff here at the club is helping me a lot. The players, the coaching staff, and I’m genuinely so grateful, first and foremost, that everyone is so nice and friendly, and I believe with any doubt, that’s very important for me because everyone, without exception, is offering me a huge helping hand.”

Jorgen, Norway: What made you decide to move to United?
“Without a doubt it was down to the great stature of Manchester, because it’s a massive club with a great history. For sure that was the big attraction for coming here. I think that the great standing this club has in the game and its great history are definitely the most important reasons to be here. It’s also a fresh set of goals in a brand new league for me. So that presents a really big and exciting challenge for me and I’m working really hard to achieve them alongside my teammates.”

Fans' Q&A: Casemiro Video

Fans' Q&A: Casemiro

Fans' Q&A | Get to know Brazilian midfield maestro Casemiro better, as he takes on your burning questions...

Ayaz, France: Why did you choose to wear the no.18 shirt?
“I believe there were one or two different numbers available, and the number that I liked the most was the 18. So that was one of the reasons for me to choose that one.”

Seth, UK: What was going on inside your mind when you scored your goal against Chelsea?
“It was a really euphoric moment for me! More than anything down to the situation in the game at the time. We’d been playing really well and were pretty much in control of the game. But then we conceded, and then in the 91st or 92nd minute, I can’t recall just now, I scored that goal, and the ball only just went over the line, and so to be honest I didn’t quite know how to celebrate it. So I was so elated I celebrated the goal with all my heart. I didn’t realise too much what I was doing because it was a goal that came from the heart. It was a fantastic goal for us and so I didn’t really know what to do to celebrate it, the only thing I wanted to do was to celebrate the moment with my team-mates and the fans, because it was very important for us in a game where we’d played very well.”

Ti, France: How do you find the atmosphere in the stadiums here in England, is it different to Spain?
“Both places have their good points of course. But one of the things that has surprised me the most over here has been the supporters. The passion that they have for the game and how they really live for their football. When the weekend comes around, how the fans just live off their football. How the fans just exude football, and you can see that football is their passion and that football is their life. So it’s not just here at Old Trafford for the home games, but away from home to, wow, the fans are just incredible. The supporters, the atmosphere, the way the fans get behind us, just fantastic, and one of the things that has surprised me the most since coming to England. But you cannot want for anything more from our fans, and what’s more, you have to thank them for the way the support us and I have never seen anything like that before.”

Daniel, UK: What is the best moment of your career so far?
“I’m one of those players who think about the here and now. I’m a player who enjoys the moment. So, my moment right now is here at United. My moment is right now, playing one match at a time and winning one match at a time. And then as a result, that’s how trophies come along, by playing well and winning matches. I’m a person who lives for the now and tries to enjoy the moment. So, my best moment is always right now and I’m enjoying it tremendously. Not just me but along with my family as well, I’m very happy and clearly for me it’s a real honour to be here.”

Derek, Malta: Which was your favourite team growing up?
“I didn’t really have one. I always liked Sao Paulo from when I started out playing for them, so they became my team since that’s where I began playing as a kid and in the end, I spent a long time with Sao Paulo as a youngster, so that club grew really close to my heart. But now, as everyone knows, as professional footballers, wherever you play becomes your life and your passion and so I don’t think I really have another favourite club now.”

Patrick, Ghana: What do you want to achieve at United before you leave?
“Well at the end of the day, when you go to a club you always want to pick up as many victories and trophies as you possibly can but I’m the kind of person who takes things match by match. I think the key right now is to have a strong and solid team that can compete. Of course, you’re always aiming at winning trophies, but I believe that we have to think about each game as it comes, we’re on a good run of and we’re growing and improving with each game that we play. So that’s how we should be thinking really, I’m not one for looking too far ahead. I prefer to enjoy the present. So I just focus on the next game and of course as a result in the end we all want to win silverware, but I’m the type of player who wants to keep on amassing win after win after win.”

Randall, US: Which food do you miss the most from Brazil?
“No dish in particular as I have everything here with me!”

Cian, UK: Which is your favourite music to listen to?
“I like listening to all kinds of music, but I guess after being in Spain for so long, I tend to prefer Spanish music, like reggaeton. So yeah, I like Spanish music the most.”

Jamie, Ireland: Which footballers did you idolise growing up?
“Good question! I think when you’re a kid you have a lot of idols don’t you. You have players that you’d never have imagined going on to meet one day. But now it’s my turn, in the sense that lots of youngsters are inspired by United players. But honestly, I used to love watching Zidane. I loved watching Scholes too, and talking of United, Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, what an incredible player! These are all players who were winners. Ronaldo Fenomeno, Ronaldinho Gaucho... And talking of players in my position, Gilberto Silva, Mauro Silva, Makelele… When you’re a kid you have lots of idols and heroes, lots of players that you like and lots of players who inspire you. So maybe not everyone remembers all of them, but for me, they were just the top players in the world!”

Archie, UK: What is your favourite goal you have scored from your career so far?
“My favourite one has to be the one that I scored against Napoli in the Champions League, but the most important one was in the Champions League Final against Juventus.”

Furba, Nepal: How is your English coming along? Do you know any words or phrases yet?
“It’s coming along slowly, little by little! English is really difficult, not easy at all! But the club is helping me with it a lot and so are my team-mates, but English… it’s just so complicated! But I’m on it, and I’m studying hard!”

Mahir, UK: What would you say is your greatest attribute as a footballer?
“The passion that I feel for the game.”

Andrew, Nigeria: Which sports do you enjoy other than football?
“Well I like playing electronic games, I like basketball and I love watching basketball games. I think those two things really…”

Frederick, UK: If you weren’t a professional footballer, what job would you have?
“I believe that since I love the game so much, I’d be working in the world of football. In any event, I’m fortunate enough to be where I am here at Manchester United, but I’d certainly like to be working in football in some capacity, it wouldn’t matter what. Maybe in… it really doesn’t matter. I’d just like to be in the world of football because I think football is in my blood and it’s my real passion.”

Lucas, Taiwan: What’s your favourite television series or movie?
“I’m not really one for watching a lot of that kind of stuff. I really like watching documentaries. I like to watch real-life stories, films based on true historical events that have actually happened. But at home it’s more all about watching football!”

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