Introducing the 'Astana Away: Fan Takeover'

Monday 18 November 2019 18:30

Our upcoming away game against Astana will be the furthest a United side has travelled for a European tie, with 2,973 miles separating Manchester and Nur-Sultan as the crow flies.

Completing that extensive journey to Kazakhstan will be a daunting task for the hundreds of hardcore Reds who are planning to complete it, in support of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s charges. 

That group will include ex-Reds David May and Ben Thornley, plus presenter Sam Homewood, but they will not travel as part of our world-class following…

Instead, they have perilously signed up for an innovative adventure that will be dictated entirely by users of our Official United App!

Keep scrolling to find out how...

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As part of ‘Astana Away: Fan Takeover’, the trio will all travel from Old Trafford to eastern Europe by various means according to the outcome of multiple live polls.  

Literally, your votes will decide the modes of transports they take, the type of accommodation they stay in and even what food they eat.

You can also dictate the extreme activity they ‘enjoy’ while en route to Kazakhstan.

The first poll is now live in your United Now timeline, asking this question: 

Should May, Thornley and Homewood travel from Old Trafford to London Heathrow via a Chevrolet sports car, plane or train?

Make sure to vote before the poll closes on Saturday, when the group will set off on their epic and interactive journey. 

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