Mason Greenwood

Why has Mason got wolf and lion tattoos?

Thursday 22 July 2021 13:00

Mason Greenwood says that although he plans to get 'meaningful' tattoos in the future, his current pair – one on each arm – came about just because he loved the designs.

The 19-year-old first got a wolf tattooed on his right arm last August and followed it up with a lion, wearing a crown, on his left arm earlier this year.

In our bumper fans' Q&A with Mason, the striker told Admir M from Bosnia the meaning behind the art, explaining that the lion isn't in fact a Zlatan Ibrahimovic-esque declaration of other worldliness.

Mason's two tattoos.

“I’ve just got a lion on one side and a wolf on the other side,” he replied.

“I just really liked them so I just went with the flow really!

“I had a look online for a few hours and picked the ones I liked. There’s no meaningful ones yet but hopefully, further down the line, I will have some.”

It may have been a purely aesthetic choice, but the pair certainly reflect Mason's animal-like instinct and hunger for goals.

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With the Reds targeting silverware in the coming season, perhaps one day Greenwood will pick up a similar tattoo to our former captain Antonio Valencia. The Ecuadorian winger has the moment he lifted the UEFA Europa League back in 2017 depicted on his lower leg in fantastic detail.

Bruno Fernandes told us recently that his tattoos are mainly related to his family, while Marcus Rashford explained that his most important piece of ink is on his left arm – a tribute to his nana who died when he was a kid.