Revealed: Greenwood's pre-match superstitions!

Thursday 22 July 2021 10:57

Mason Greenwood has admitted he has a series of pre-match rituals that he has to follow each time he pulls on a Manchester United shirt.

Sports stars are renowned for their unusual and particular habits, that perhaps help them to quell some of the inevitable nerves that precede a big game.
Paul Ince used to wait until the very last moment before pulling his shirt over his head. Andy Cole wanted to have his boots stretched by hand just seconds before the teams were due in the tunnel.

Groundwork for the season being laid in Surrey


Sam Carney has seen first-hand just how much work is going into the pre-season preparations.

And now one of our newest stars, 19-year-old Mason Greenwood, has revealed his own unique eccentricities.
While taking part in our latest fans’ Q&A session, the two-footed forward was asked if he had a pre-match routine or something unusual that he did before matches, in a question posed by Meenaz A from Oman.
“I’ve got quite a few of them, to be honest,” replied the multi-talented Academy graduate.
“I put everything on my right foot first and then my left foot. I do that all the time. I’ve just got a few little things like I will tie my laces where my shorts are, just before kick-off starts, and I will pull my socks up.
“I’ve got lots of little things but I’ll be here all day if you wanted to talk about them all!”

If it helps Mason, we’re all for whatever he chooses to do before United’s games. And given our no.11 has notched 29 first-team goals before hitting the age of 20, those pre-match rituals seemed to be working just fine.

That said, some players do take it a step too far. Former Huddersfield Town winger Malvin Kamara used to insist on watching 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in its entirety before every match!