Tom Grennan.

My United: Tom Grennan

Saturday 22 June 2019 13:00

Many of Manchester United's UK-based supporters will be aware of Tom Grennan’s song 'Found What I’ve Been Looking For', which is used as Sky Sports’ intro music on Super Sunday.

However, most may not know that Grennan is a massive United fan! Last year, the talented musician spoke to Inside United magazine as part of our ‘My United’ series, in which famous Reds enthusiasts tell us all about their love for the club.

Read on to discover Tom’s love of Paul Scholes, seeing Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut and choosing between a career in music or football.

When and why did you first start supporting United?
“It’s always been drilled into me. I was bought a Man United babygro when I was a little baby – I was brought up with it. I’ve got a lot of Irish family and a lot of them are big United supporters. All my cousins made me watch DVDs of old United games and the matches on television. And I don’t know what it is, but I have always been drawn to the Manchester United badge. Maybe it’s the devil on it that I like!”

Who was your first United hero? 
“I would probably say Paul Scholes. He was a massive influence on me. A great player. He just held the whole of the midfield together. Both on the ball and off the ball, he was unbelievable. He could smash the ball so hard. He could score goals, he could make goals, he could glide about the field like a ghost. When I was a young footballer I used to be fascinated watching players and he was one that I tried to learn from.”
Paul Scholes was Tom's boyhood United hero.
Can you remember the first match you attended? 
“I remember that it was against Bolton, my dad took me up to Old Trafford. I’m not sure of the year but I was young, I’d have been about seven or eight. I think it was Ronaldo’s first season. United won 4-0 I think. Seeing Ronaldo’s debut and United winning 4-0... it was a wicked day. Old Trafford has got something special about it. I remember feeling like I was in a movie. I was so excited thinking that here I was in this magical place.”

Did you have a favourite United kit? 
“I did. I used to really love the blue away kit from when Vodafone were the sponsors. I used to sleep in that one! As a kid I used to buy all the kits, but I haven’t got one in ages, actually. When I was younger I would ask for one every Christmas. I’ve still got the old ones somewhere.”
You were a talented young footballer – was choosing between music and football a tough choice?
“I didn’t regret it because as a footballer I just wasn’t getting better. I just fell out of love with it, really. I discovered girls and beers! I hung up my boots then and concentrated on the music." 

Your music was used on FIFA 18 and Sky Sports' Super Sunday – is that a great thrill?
“Being on FIFA is amazing. The audience that they have is unbelievable and I have played the game since I can remember. Obviously having the title track on Sky Sports is even madder. Sometimes I forget they use it and then I’ll be in the pub watching the match and I hear my song! It’s a massive buzz, I love it. It’s one of those times when I want to shout out when I’m in the pub, ‘That’s my song!’ But obviously I keep it quiet.”

Who are your favourite current players?
Marcus Rashford, for me, has the potential to become England’s number one striker. Considering how young he is, I think he is unbelievable. Anthony Martial is also a real talent.”
Tom is a big fan of the Reds' attacking duo, Rashford and Martial.

The Bedford-born singer-songwriter got his big break in music when he was featured in the Chase & Status 2016 single All Goes Wrong. Grennan also brought out his own album in 2018 called Lighting Matches.

In his youth, Tom was a talented footballer and was briefly a youth player for Luton Town before concentrating his attention on music.

This article first appeared in the October 2018 edition of Inside United. You can subscribe and buy back issues at

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