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My United: Two Door Cinema Club

Friday 21 June 2019 15:17

Few countries in the world have a more loyal United supporter base than Northern Ireland.

In fact, it was recently revealed that nine of our top 40 Supporters’ Clubs are based in the north-eastern part of the Emerald Isle. It’s no surprise therefore, that one of the region’s top bands are also avid Reds.

Two Door Cinema Club were formed in 2007 and today, Friday 21 June, they have released their fourth album, False Alarm. Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird from the band spoke to Inside United magazine as part of our ‘My United’ series in which famous Reds enthusiasts tell us all about their love for the club.

Read on to discover the musical duo’s first United heroes, their all-time favourite kits and their fondest memories following the Reds…

When and why did you both first start supporting Manchester United?
Kevin: "I can’t really remember when it all started, but United was always etched into Northern Ireland. Everyone had a story or some tenuous connection to George Best – 'I used to play football with his cousin'. My dad always told me stories of Norman Whiteside at the 1982 World Cup and at United, so I was always going to be a United fan."

Sam: "From as young as I can remember, really. My dad always played and watched football, so United were always on in the house or on in the football club. It was a fantastic time to be a Manchester United fan, too. Growing up in the Ferguson era of the Premier League was amazing."

The legendary Norman Whiteside.
Who were your first United heroes?
Kevin: "Jaap Stam was my hero. He was such an uncompromising and dominant player. He made you feel like United were invincible at that time, because the opposition would have to get through him first."

Sam: "Ryan Giggs. He had so much skill, balance and pace, and he also had the potential to change a game in a moment. I’m a left-footed player too, and I always played left wing as a kid, so obviously I was Giggs down at the park when we were playing ‘knockout FA Cup’."

What are your memories of the first United game you attended?
Kevin: "Sadly I never made it to a game until five or so years ago. It was incredible. Sony were trying to sign us at the time so they impressed us with a game in their corporate box. We never signed, but what an experience!"

Sam: "I never went to Old Trafford as a kid, but I did get to go to a reserves game when I was about five years old, as they were playing nearby the caravan park my family were holidaying in on the north coast of Ireland. I think I was probably ecstatic to be at anything to do with Man United!"

Did you both have a favourite United kit as a kid?

Kevin:" I loved the blue and white 1995/96 kit. I had my mum make my birthday cake to look like that shirt!"

Sam: "Oooh... I think the Champions League ’99 kit. That gold badge!"
Do you get many chances to watch United at the moment?
Kevin: "We’re on tour a lot but we’re always searching out the local Man United supporters bars to get the atmosphere. Singapore was pretty lively, but nothing has matched the enthusiasm of LA – 7am, watching the FA Cup final. Drinks were flowing!"

Sam: "Yes, touring America usually works well for watching United, as they even show the 3pm games. You get all your football watching done before lunch!"

Which team you most want United to beat? 
Kevin: "Liverpool. Obviously."

Sam: "That goes without saying."

Who are your favourite current United players? 
Kevin: "Currently, I’m loving the enterprise and confidence of Diogo Dalot."

Sam: "Anthony Martial. The change of pace and control he has when dribbling are phenomenal."
Two Door Cinema Club are big fans of Diogo Dalot and Anthony Martial.
What is your favourite United memory?
Kevin: "It would have to be the Champions League final in ’99. So much air-punching in my living room."

Sam: "Yeah, I would say the same."

Do you both have a favourite United goal of all-time?
Kevin: "Berbatov’s assist to Ronaldo against West Ham at Old Trafford in 2008. Sublime. Poetic."

Sam: "Rooney’s overhead kick against City was ridiculous, but I think Giggs’s goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi way back in 1999. I was probably trying to relive it for months after with my mates down in the field."
Sam is a big fan of Wayne Rooney's overhead kick in 2011.
Who is your all-time United legend? 
Kevin: "Cantona. He’s just a cool man."

Sam: "There are lots of glamorous options but I think Paul Scholes in terms of tenure and class. We have never been able to replace him."

Is lead singer Alex Trimble a football fan and if so who does he support?
Kevin: "He isn’t a football fan but he claims to have seen United play in a tournament in Northern Ireland in the 1990s and allegedly Cantona was on the pitch."

If you had a time machine and could watch any United player or team from the past, who would you want to watch?
Kevin: "I’d love to see George Best do his thing in real life."

Sam: "Yeah, it has to be Georgie!"
A United and Northern Ireland icon: George Best.

Formed in 2007, Two Door Cinema Club are one of Northern Ireland’s most successful bands. The group play mainly indie rock music and originate from Bangor and Donaghadee in County Down.

The release of their much-anticipated fourth album, False Alarm, follows after their previous albums: Tourist History (2010), Beacon (2012) and Gameshow (2016).

This article first appeared in the June 2019 edition of the Inside United magazine. You can subscribe here.

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