Panellists make Women’s Player of the Year picks

Wednesday 17 May 2023 15:26

Our panellists on the new episode of The Debate weren’t all in agreement when asked to pick their Manchester United Women’s Player of the Year for 2022/23.

Off the back of a strong season all round, cases can be made across the squad, ahead of the winner being revealed on our awards night at the end of May.

If you haven’t done already, you can make your pick now on and in the United App. 

Former Reds Mickey Thomas and Danny Webber, along with journalists James Ducker and Ian Irving, were put on the spot for their choices during our brand-new episode of The Debate, which was released on Monday.

So, who have they gone for and why?

Our panel is split on United Women's POTY! Video

Our panel is split on United Women's POTY!

The Debate | Who is United Women's Player of the Year? The Telegraph's James Ducker says it's a really hard decision...

Pick: Ona Batlle

“A notable mention to Leah Galton, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if any of the other three [panellists] picked her because she's been brilliant for United this year. There's only a couple of players in the WSL who scored more goals than her this season. But Ona Batlle for me is the Player of the Year. I mean every time I've watched the women's side in recent times, and I mean she won the Player of the Year a couple of years ago as well, she's such a feature at right-back. I would say, from what I've seen, she's the best full-back in the WSL, in women's football, in England. I think 15 assists in all competitions as well, which for anyone in any position is incredible. But she's just a threat constantly. Defensively, she's strong as well. And you know, she came as close as anyone to creating a moment for United in the cup final as well at the death when she set up Leah Galton. But yeah, every time I've watched the women's side, she's been one of the players who has stood out. No matter the occasion, no matter the team they're against. So, she gets my vote.”
Pick: Leah Galton

“Without doubt. From the left side, she’s scored 10 goals in the WSL, creates lots of opportunities as well for the strikers. I mean, for me, not because I'm a left-sided midfield player and I’ve got a left foot, she is special. She's come on leaps and bounds. She looks a very good player.”


Pick: Alessia Russo

“I'm going to mix it up. I'm going to go with Alessia Russo. [She plays] a similar position to me, I understand that. She'd come off the back of obviously a very good tournament last summer scoring goals, and showed loyalty when a bid came in for her in January, didn't flinch, she’s scored important goals like the Arsenal winner [at home]. And so, for me, I'm going to go Alessio Russo.”
Who should win Player of the Year? Video

Who should win Player of the Year?

The Debate | Our panellists discuss our upcoming awards evening and the top-four race...

Pick: Alessia Russo

“I'm going to go with Alessia as well. It's actually a really hard one and I think it's a reflection of actually how far they have come on as a team that you can actually, you know, go around the side and actually say, ‘[that player has done] brilliant, [that player has done] brilliant, done really, really well.’ I think with Alessia, there's that bit of stardust about her. I think if you're looking at players and you’re another club, who do you want to take? And she is obviously right up there. There is a real threat and menace to her, there’s a real sort of conviction to her play. I think you see there's a huge sort of room for growth really in her as well, and she's exciting to watch. So, I’ll go with Alessia.”

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Who is your United Women Player of the Year?