Joe Jordan.

Jordan discusses his 'Jaws' nickname

Wednesday 15 December 2021 16:20

Former Manchester United centre-forward Joe Jordan has talked about losing his front teeth and the way that enhanced his fearsome reputation.

The aggressive striker joined the Reds from Leeds United in 1978 before moving on to AC Milan a few years later and enjoying the respect of the fans over in Italy.

As somebody who scored at three separate World Cup finals for Scotland, Joe was a defender's nightmare and spoke on our latest UTD Podcast about how his image was of that of a no-nonsense target man at a time when the game was certainly much tougher.

UTD Podcast: Jordan on losing his teeth Video

UTD Podcast: Jordan on losing his teeth

In his UTD Podcast, Joe Jordan explains how an unfortunate incident during a game cost him his front teeth…

When the nickname of 'Jaws' was brought up, he replied: "There you are. It was a good thing, the sense of humour in it. 'The Shark' [in Italy], it was good with the fans and banners and things like that. They liked that so there was a connection there.

"I didn't wear my gumshield because you've got to take them out to talk and then put them back. In rugby, you can do it as the game stops. To get a permanent brace in there to go and play, what you're going to do is make it easier if you do get another whack, those teeth, the false ones plus the ones carrying the weight, they'd all fall out! So I said no. I went that way again and it didn't bother me."

Jordan lost his teeth while playing for Leeds, after starting out in his native Scotland with Morton.

"The first game I played at Leeds, I lost my teeth," he recalled. "I was at Coventry away. I was still in the hotel and it was my first game as I didn't play straight away. I went down there and, for a brief period of time, played for the Reserves. In the first 20 minutes, a cross came in and it was a diving header but the boy just booted the ball clear and booted me. That was it. They were there on the grass.

"I did keep them a while!

UTD Podcast: When Jordan nearly joined Bayern Video

UTD Podcast: When Jordan nearly joined Bayern

Reds legend Joe Jordan recalls the moment Bayern Munich tried to sign him…

"What will be, will be," he reasoned. "I actually played on but I had to come off. It was a mess but they fixed me up with a dentist, as soon as I came home, to get like a plate and to get the measurements.

"There were a couple of weeks where I had no teeth and that was a nightmare. I was still in the hotel and couldn't go out. How could you go out? But I had to go to training.

"I lost two more [teeth] in incidents where people headed me but it's never something that really bothered me. I've been pretty lucky with other injuries."

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