UTD Unscripted

My dream move to England

The highest privilege

Remembering my dad

My first goal, my first born

What doesn't kill you...

This is who I am

My day as the gaffer

Back yourself all the way

Back to the future

Going back to the start

I had to fill that empty chair

The road less travelled

A diamond from Wythenshawe

Think like a winner

Pick your own path

Showdown in Stockholm

Father and son

The power of the mind

In the firing line

My life as Wilf McGuinness's son

The impact substitute

My Farewell to Sir Matt

Rising to the challenge

Learning from the best

The fall of Roma

Proving people wrong

The quiz master's tale

Goals and glory

Bother by the Bosporus

Every step of the way

The demolition derby

The birth of a rivalry

Band of brothers

Another kind of victory

It's time to talk

The long road from Brazil

Facing the midfield masters

Tales of the Trinity

Don't look back in anger

The day I invented a goal

A sense of wonder

Taming the crazy gang

Fun for all

My memory lane

Proud to be half of a pair

We drove each other on

An unfinished story

David's journey so far

How United Helped Me


Rooming with Robbo

The gaffer and me

A version of a dream

One night in Turin

Meeting young Rooney

My unlikely friendship


A steep learning curve

Ending the long wait

The King and I

My dream hat-trick

My journey with Keano

My flight of fancy

The craziest trip to Brazil



Growing up in Paradise

It's time to give something back

The Impossible Dream

Just keep going

Serbia to the Stretford End

This is the fight of my life

In the presence of a genius

Ready for the challenge

Why Ronaldo is my hero

Maybe Sir Alex is waiting for you

All credit to Aaron

On top of the world

My place in the record books

My dad, the legend

The best education in football

This is my topsy-turvy story

That goal was a dream

I will keep United close to my heart

Wielding the power of football

About those sunshine kids

The day I kept my feet

How we stopped Messi and Barca

Dreams do come true... trust me

Things that truly matter in life

How Veron changed my life

A glimpse of greatness

In the eye of the hurricane

In at the deep end for my debut

When I arrived, people laughed

You'll all be talking about this kid